EINHERJER pays tribute to MOTÖRHEAD with new single “DEAF FOREVER”!

photo: Jørgen Freim

The legendary pioneers of Norse Heavy Metal, Einherjer, are set to release their latest single, “Deaf Forever,” on June 21st, 2024. The single is a cover and tribute to the legends in Motörhead and their track with the same name, and it comes just in time for Einherjer’s performances at major summer festivals like Tons of Rock, Summer Breeze Open Air, and the iconic Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Listen to the single here:


About the track Einherjer states:
“‘Deaf Forever’ is a homage to one of the most iconic bands in heavy metal history. Motörhead has always been an inspiration for us. ‘Deaf Forever,’ with its relentless energy, gritty vocals, and driving rhythm, makes it a good fit for Einherjer. We fused the thunderous legacy of Motörhead with the mythic resonance of our Norse Heavy Metal. I think it turned out great!”

Founded in 1993, Einherjer has been a powerful force in the Viking Metal genre for over three decades. Hailing from Haugesund, Norway, the band draws deeply from their Norse heritage, creating music that is both a cultural homage and a modern interpretation of the epic sagas of old. With nine studio albums and two Norwegian Grammy nominations, Einherjer has solidified their place in the annals of metal history.

Einherjer’s music is a potent blend of mythic storytelling and powerful soundscapes, their commitment to their vision is unwavering, inspired by the bravery and spirit of their Viking ancestors. Prepare to be enthralled by the fierce energy and mythic power of Einherjer as they breathe new life into Motörhead’s classic “Deaf Forever.” For fans, this track might sound familiar, as the single was previously released exclusively on vinyl. But now it’s finally making its digital debut. This tribute is not just a cover but a fusion of two legendary sounds, bringing together the raw power of Motörhead and the epic majesty of Viking Metal.

Upcoming Festival Performances:

Tons of Rock(Norway)

Summer Breeze Open Air(Germany)

Wacken Open Air(Germany

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