ACOD announce official live video for “Habentis Maleficia”!

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ACOD announce official live video for “Habentis Maleficia“, performed at Lions Metal Festival 2024. Track extract from ‘Versets Noirs‘ album, released in 2024 by Hammerheart Records. Video produced by Remy Brugere from Van Espen Studio.

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„”Versets Noir” will cater to anyone who has a broad taste in metal. They made a fan out of me and I will be headed to check out their previous five releases.“ (Excquisitedeath Ezine)

„”Versets Noirs” ist von Anfang bis Ende eine ziemlich wilde und doch sehr geniale Abfahrt und als Pendant zum neuen Necrophobic-Album für diese Zielgruppe ein lohnenswerter Glücksgriff.“ (

1. Habentis Maleficia
2. The Son of a God (The Heir of Divine Blood)
3. A Thousand Lives in a Second
4. May This World Burn
5. Black Trip (Samael cover)

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