CODEX MORTIS Release “Tales of Woe”

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The new album from Dutch black/death metal band CODEX MORTIS is now available for order and on streaming platforms.

Brace yourself for a chilling journey through an album that tells the harrowing story of demonic possession and mind control. Tales of Woe tells about an evil spirit that tortures a man through demonic possession and mind control. With horrific visions of its previous victims, the evil spirit tries to turn the man into a murderer. The man escapes its hold by taking his own life, as a desperate attempt to end the circle of terror…

In Tales of Woe, a harrowing history filled with injustice, agony, violence, and death unfolds as a tortured soul, the antagonist of the story, finds itself in an undying state, compelled to inflict suffering and death upon others trying to undo its own misery. It describes the troubles of its latest victim, the protagonist, as he is possessed and haunted by horrid visions.

Tales of Woe is out now on Black Lion Records. Order and stream the album at


1. Forsaken

2. Capricious Disembodied Villain

3. Chosen

4. Trenched in Blood

5. Fire Screams and Death

6. It Dies with Me

The album was mixed and mastered by Björnström Ljud & Produktion. Artwork by Vladimir ‘Smerdulak’ Chebakov.

CODEX MORTIS is a Dutch Black Death Metal band with explosive and hypnotic skull-crushing music that will haunt you into the afterlife.

Incorporating the influences of the 90s, CODEX MORTIS crafts a sonic landscape characterized by ferocious speed and an abyssal depth, with each arrangement a relentless devouring sound.

Stream CODEX MORTIS on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Vocals by Dirk Willems

Lyrics by Jos Schilder

Drums by Michiel van der Plicht

Guitars by Arjan van Dune

Bass by Mathieu Westerveld

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