EMIL KÁRLSEN presents new single “Čávkkus”New EP ‘Binnát’ out now

Indigenous multi-instrumentalist and artist Emil Kárlsen is thrilled to announce the release of his new EP, Binnát. This 5-track EP, which includes two brand-new songs, is now available via By Norse Music.

To celebrate the release of Binnát, Emil is also unveiling his new single, “Čávkkus.”

Čávkkus is the northern Sámi name of Emil Kárlsen’s hometown. This Sámi name is most likely the oldest one, probably referring to a place often covered in light mist during summer nights.

Emil KÁrlsen Cover240622

Emil Kárlsen comments:
The luohti/yoik of «Čávkkus» came to be on one of my many journeys, and was a way to find the peaceful hometown vibe as I travelled the world. By yoiking my little village I also want to reconnect it with its Sámi history, as the Norwegianization really struck hard and almost eradicated both the Sámi and the Kvääni/Finnish identities, cultures and languages here. But the languages are on their ways back, and there is proof that yoiking has been heard here from both the reindeer herding Sámis and the coastal Sámis. Maybe the village of Čávkkus did have it’s own luohti/yoik back in the days, but I have not heard about it. So it was about time to find one!»

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