ATAVISTIA Share New Single “Dark Isolation”


The metal band ATAVISTIA, hailing from Vancouver and known for their distinctive blend of blackened symphonic metal, has unveiled their latest single, “Dark Isolation.” This new track plunges listeners into a profound exploration of melancholy and despair, capturing the emotional essence of their forthcoming EP, Inane Ducam. Accompanied by a lyric video, which can be found HERE, the song promises an immersive auditory experience.

ATAVISTIA is gearing up to release their new EP, Inane Ducam, which means ‘I Will Lead Into Nothingness,’ on July 19, 2024. This upcoming release introduces the talents of new guitarist Elia Baghbaniyan and bassist/vocalist Spencer Budworth. Inane Ducam aims to meld diverse genres and stylistic elements while preserving the unique sound that defines ATAVISTIA.

Past praise for ATAVISTIA:

“‘Cosmic Warfare’ is a rollicking ride through metal’s propensity for duality as the quartet show off their skill at fist-banging harshness on one end and melodic layered density on the other.”- Decibel Magazine

ATAVISTIAhave always managed to sound massive, but little more. Now, we have the massive aesthetic wedded to actual songs, nestled within an album composed with structure and discipline. The result is impressive. Scarily, there is still room to improve. Whereas before I wrote these guys off as cheap WINTERSUN knock-offs, they have now brought themselves whisper-close to their heroes. If Jari doesn’t get his act together, his band could be overtaken soon. Perhaps they have been already.”– Angry Metal Guy


Mattias Sippola – Guitars/Vocals
Elia Baghbaniyan – Guitar
Spencer Budworth – Bass & Vocals
Max Sepulveda – Drums

Connect With ATAVISTIA:


Atavistia Cover240519

Track Listing: 

  1. Inane Ducam 1:41
  2. Timeless Despair 3:55
  3. Dark Isolation 5:23
  4. Unattained Creation 5:17
  5. The Void 7:05

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