AYDRA – “Hyperlogical Sin Live 2001/2013” coming soon


Rude Awakening Records is excited to announce the upcoming release of Hyperlogical Sin Live 2001/2013, a special double live album from the legendary Italian Tech Death band, AYDRA. Following the reissue of AYDRA’s complete official studio discography, this release delves into the vaults to bring fans unreleased and rare live recordings that showcase the band’s evolution and power on stage.

Hyperlogical Sin Live 2001/2013 features two complete live shows. The first set was recorded in 2013 to commemorate AYDRA’s reunion, capturing the current lineup’s dynamic performance. The second set takes us back to 2001, during the band’s tour promoting their album Icon of Sin across Italy and Europe. Both shows have been professionally remastered to provide the highest quality listening experience.

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2013 Reunion Show:

1. Vortex of Desire (2013)
2. Creator of Inner Cosmos (2013)
3. Inside the Insane Man (2013)
4. Psycho Pain Control (2013)
5. Crystal Mountain (Death cover, 2013)
6. Hyperlogical Non-Sense (2013)
7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2013)
8. Master Enemy (2013)
9. Strobos (2013)
10. Mind Blast (2013)
11. Raining Blood (Slayer cover, 2013)

2001 “Icon of Sin” Tour:

12. Dream’s Door (2001)
13. Pleasure Dome (2001)
14. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2001)
15. Psycho Pain Control (2001)
16. Revenge (2001)
17. Icon of Sin (2001)
18. Inside the Insane Man (2001)
19. Lost Time Fury (2001)

This album serves as a powerful testament to AYDRA’s enduring legacy and showcases the band’s evolution from their early days to their triumphant reunion. The 2013 lineup, which remains active today, offers a glimpse into the band’s present and future, while the 2001 lineup featuring former members provides a nostalgic look back at the band’s roots.

Hyperlogical Sin Live 2001/2013 will be available on all major streaming platforms as two separate releases, with the physical CD version out on July 8th, 2024 combining both live sets into one cohesive collection. Due to the limited run of only 150 hand-numbered copies, fans are encouraged to secure their copies quickly.

Live video:

2013 live:

2001 live:

Aydra 2013-current line-up:

Mauro Pacetti – Vocals
Giuseppe Cardamone – Guitar
Luca Calò – Guitar
Andrea Mastromarco – Bass
Marco Bianchella – Drums

Aydra 2001 line-up:

Mauro Pacetti – Vocals
Francesco Olivi – Guitar
Marcello Lammoglia – Guitar
Andrea Mastromarco – Bass
Nicola Raffaeli – Drums







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