KROKMITËN Releases New Album “THETA” Featuring John Longstreth of Origin

The Montréal-based death metal studio project KROKMITËN has just released its fifth album titled THETA along with a full-featured lyric video for the whole album. THETA welcomes new drummer John Longstreth (ORIGINHATE ETERNALMALEFIC THRONENEURECTOMY.) behind the kit. THETA was recorded, mixed and mastered by Simlev at the Krokmitën Studio on the island of Montreal, Canada. The drums were engineered and recorded by John Longstreth at his Brooklyn studio in the USA.

Watch/listen to KROKMITËN “THETA” (Full Album Lyric Video) here:

Krokmiten Cover240610

Simlev, the driving force behind KROKMITËN, shared this insight on the album release: “I’m extremely pumped to be releasing THETA today. That monstrosity has spawned from the pandemic, it is very instinctive, primal, and raw: some parts are literal improvisations or first takes. The lyrics reflect and mock the pervasive doomsday ambiance of our era, propelled by the increasing absurdity of a world rife with religious extremists, tyrannical dictators, and extreme political ideologies. Once again, this opus is also a single-song album. I still enjoy writing in this lengthy format so far.“

Regarding the lyric video for the entire album, Simlev commented, “I always strive to push boundaries with each release. As someone deeply invested in graphic design and video editing, I found crafting an ominous artistic piece for this lyric video to be a satisfying challenge. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the result. I recommend viewers take 34 minutes of their time, sit down in front of their TV, and experience the full intensity of THETA.’“

THETA is currently available on KROKMITËN‘s website,, as free download and on Youtube. The album will be added progressively to all major digital music platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon in the upcoming week.

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