TERMINAL SUN release their debut album of expansive extreme metal , All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire

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Hailing from Sheffield, England’s ‘steel city’, Terminal Sun are purveyors of uncompromising, unconstrained extreme metal. Having started to carve their name into the collective consciousness of the underground scene with two well received EPs, 2019s Threads and 2021s Metamorph, the time has come for Terminal Sun to unleash the complete and enthralling power of their full length debut album. Drawing inspiration from across the extreme music spectrum – the bulldozing power of death metal, the crushing weight and melancholy of doom, the bleak, obsidian atmosphere of black metal – and shaping these things into their own unique vision of the end, Terminal Sun have created the consuming darkness of All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire

With All That Will Burn… Terminal Sun have created an album of immense force that hits with jarring impact, yet also harbours deceptive depths of secrets and shadows. The riffs and rhythms are implacable and punishing, bold and brilliant, a war march, a breathtaking charge, a lurching, agonised progression from wound to wound. Yet within the space of a sudden intake of breath you can go from staring down the barrel to staring into the black, still waters of memory and reflection. There is a cold and lonely beauty hidden within this decimated sonic landscape, scarred by incendiary violence. From ‘The Liquidators (And The Liquidation Of The Consequences Of The Chernobyl Accident) with its electric solos and stampede into inevitable oblivion, to ‘Parallels’, that speaks the language of the dead to cold, forgotten ghosts; from the pounding darkness of ‘Metamorph’ and the unstoppable riffs of ‘AZ5’ to the barren ice fields of ‘Macready’s Last Stand’ – and finally to the grand summation of the magnificent ‘A Space Between Two Deaths’…All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire has such sights to show you.

Terminal Sun Cover240624

Terminal Sun have honed their skills and uncovered the dark heart of their sound, grasped the true essence of what they were born to be through live performances with the likes of IngestedUltimasBa’al and The Crawling, playing everywhere from the smallest clubs to the huge Bloodstock Open Air festival with Kreator and Judas Priest. All of that experience, hard won understanding and insight can be found in All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire. Out July 6th, adorned in the dramatic photography of Jakob Vegerfors, this is Terminal Sun’s soundtrack to extinction.

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