THERMALITY release new single “Fire Will Reign”


Fire will Reign is unleashed into the world. It‘s the second single from Thermality‘s upcoming album The Final Hours. The single captures the essence of Melodic Death Metal and is a testament to the songwriting abilities of this young band. With one foot firmly rooted in the 90‘s Gothenburg sound and the other stepping into the future, Fire will Reign is the perfect blend of past, present and future.

Ludvig Sommar of Thermality comments;

The song was written with the idea of combining an old school sound with some modern elements, making it familiar for both older and younger listeners. The song takes a leap backwards into the mid 90s in terms of the sound while keeping a rather modern approach to a very iconic concept, aiming for a more aggressive song and at the same time keeping it true to what we like and enjoy listening to ourselves.

Check out “Fire Will Reign” HERE:

Thermality Cover240624

02. Weeping Angels
03. Thorns of Salem
04. Fire Will Reign
05. Stranger
06. Windigo
07. Clones
08. Forsaken
09. Nightfall
10. The Hunter & The Nightmare
11. The Guardian
12. Divinity Pt.1
13. Divinity Pt.2

Join Thermality as they continue to redefine the genre and usher in a new era of metal excellence. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from Black Lodge Records.

Listen to previous single “Stranger” HERE:

Hampus Sätterlund (Drums)
Ludvig Sommar (Vocals)
Noel Hoflund Jonsson (Guitar)
Ture Skärfstad Stål (Bass)
Walter Hamilton (Guitar

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