GRAVENOIRE Release First Single “France de l’Ombre”

In an era where the essence of black metal has been diluted by the sands of time and commercial ambition, GRAVENOIRE stands as the unyielding monument to its original, uncompromising spirit. Today, GRAVENOIRE is proud to announce the first beacon from their much-anticipated album, Devant La Porte Des Étoiles – the premiere single, France de l’Ombre.

Crafted in the crucible of raw emotion and shrouded mysteries, France de l’Ombre is a declaration, a ritualistic embrace of the shadows that define our existence. This composition dives deep into the heart of darkness, resurrecting the primordial sounds of 90’s black metal, intertwined with the unique mystical essence that courses through GRAVENOIRE‘s veins. It’s a journey back to the roots, back to a time when music was a gateway to the primal and the arcane.

GRAVENOIRE, forged in the sacred fires of artistic rebellion and spiritual awakening, channels the raw, unfiltered energies of spectral and telluric realms. This song, like each chapter of Devant La Porte Des Étoiles, serves as a tome, inscribed with the ink of defiance and the undying lust for transcendence. The musicianship of GRAVENOIRE, a covenant of beings bound by their shared lineage within the pantheon of black metal elites such as Anorexia Nervosa, BÂ’A, and Diablation, ascends in France de l’Ombre to guide listeners through forgotten paths under a starlit dome.

Devant La Porte Des Étoiles is out August 23 on Season of Mist: Underground Activists.

Witness the arcane majesty. Pre-save and pre-order your journey into the shadows here:

Watch the video for France de l’Ombre on the Season of Mist YouTube channel now:

Gravenoire Cover240625

Tracklist:1. Pavens (1:27)
2. France de l’Ombre (5:53) [WATCH]
3. Ordo Opera Cultura (4:03)
4. Aux Chiens (4:18)
5. Granit (5:21)
6. Gravenoire (4:11)
Total runtime: 25:16

Country: France
Genre: Black Metal
FFO: Anorexia Nervosa, Seth, Mayhem

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