CHRONICLER OF ARDUL Release First Single ‘Durmad, The Ambitious’ Ahead Of EP ‘Sword of Virné’

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Step into the dark fantasy symphonic death metal realms of Chronicler of Ardul. Blending ethereal orchestration, thundering metal instrumentation and raw anguished harsh vocals, ‘Durmad, The Ambitious‘ provides the first glimpse into a tale of ambition, forbidden magic, and bloodshed. Chronicler of Ardul’s forthcoming EP, Sword of Virné is set for release on the 16th of August 2024. 

Project leader David Williams comments on the narrative behind the new single: “A man named Durmad is frustrated with his magical education and wants to explore more of what is possible. He experiments, then searches for forbidden tomes of ancient magic, and comes up with a plot to use it, luring kingdoms and empires with the promise of riches to be found on a barren island.”

Watch the lyric video for ‘Durmad, The Ambitious‘ here:

About Chronicler of Ardul:
Chronicler of Ardul was started as a passion project by David Williams when he wanted to combine his love of metal music and dark fantasy to tell a story that spanned over songs and albums. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he puts his skills to the test to create the music for a story he had been working on for 9 years. The debut EP called Myrewood released late 2023, with its written short story partner, Myrewood Part 1, released in May 2024. Musically, Chronicler of Ardul draws from the likes of Shadow of Intent and Mental Cruelty in the metal world, while also taking inspiration from Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu. 

Chronicler of Ardul is:
David Williams – Music and Lyrics

Session Vocalist: Thomas Blanc


Chronicler Of Ardul Cover240626

Sword of Virné Track List: 
1. Durmad, The Ambitious 6:21
2. The Forge 4:54
3. Sword of Virné 4:37
4. What Ambition Reaps (Bonus Track) 2:55

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