German death metal band TYPHONIAN deliver an ambitious new full length

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It’s not too often that you come across a genuinely interesting old school death metal release. Typhonian‘s new one is just that – its sound is mutated with adjoining styles, it’s progressive and atmospheric, and most importantly, it’s emotive and evocative. It offers the desired brutality and so much more with it. And the album closer is a 20-minute death metal masterpiece of a song, reminiscent of Edge of Sanity‘s classic ‘Crimson’.  Stream two of their more progressive and atmospheric songs AT THIS LINK


Typhonian (Germany) – The Gate of the Veiled Beyond (Blackened Death Metal)

Where most bands are content revelling in the sound of the glory days of early ’90s death metal, German band Typhonian have not only beautifully reimagined it with blackened elements laced with the classic Swedish/Finnish melodies, they are also attempting to take that sound ahead in the most logical manner. Their approach being reminiscent of Edge of Sanity and their 40-minute masterwork ‘Crimson’, Typhonian are going a step further, adding more progressive and atmospheric elements, which become perceptible especially towards the end of the album, ultimately culminating in a near 20-minute epic closer. It’s a phenomenal journey of the music that’s evidently rooted in the old school death metal sound metamorphosing gradually and finally taking on a gleaming, breathtaking form and ascending. They have broken the shackles that have held back the style for a couple of decades by encompassing various influences organically and forging a cohesive sound that has dominance over them all. With the visionary ‘The Gate of the Veiled Beyond’ release, Typhonian have more than just outdone themselves; they have surpassed expectations for the style as a whole.

For fans of: Edge of SanityUnanimatedNecrophobicDismemberDan SwanoDesultoryUnleashedEvocation

Line up:
M. W. Styrum – Vocals
Prometheus – Guitars
Typhon -Guitars, Orchestration
Charybdis – Bass
Thanatos – Drums

Artwork by Juanjo Castellano

Track listing:
1. Celestial Salvation
2. Cosmic Throne
3. Primal Deceptive Light
4. Crimson Rivers
5. The Gatekeeper
6. Towards the Chamber of the Omnipresent Mind
7. A Glimpse at the Starless Ocean
8. Cath’un – The Gate of the Veiled Beyond

Release date – September 20th, 2024

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