ISELDER Announces Fourth Album “Gogoniant”


Marwolaeth Records and Iselder are proud to unveil the upcoming album “Gogoniant“, set for release on 15th september. This album combines raw aggression with the poignant theme of Welsh oppression, delivering an unapologetic and powerful musical experience. The release follows a challenging period for Gofid, who faced legal issues in 2021 over a controversial t-shirt design, now resolved.

Listen to the first track “Saeson” and pre-order the album on CD and Limited Edition Cassette here: Bandcamp

Iselder is a one-man black metal band from Wales, formed in 2014 by sole member Gofid. The band’s music delves deeply into the essence of Welsh identity, promoting the language, heritage, folklore, and culture of Gofid’s homeland. Iselder stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of Welsh traditions through the medium of black metal.

On September 15th, 2021, Gofid faced legal challenges when he was arrested on suspicion of inciting arson and criminal damage due to a controversial t-shirt he created. The shirt parodied the infamous “Burn Your Local Church” shirts, featuring the text “Burn Your Local Holiday Home” and an image of a burning cottage. As a result, Gofid’s phone, PC, and all Iselder merch were seized, causing a delay in the release of the band’s second album, “Metel Du Gwir Cymreig“. All charges were eventually dropped, allowing Gofid to continue his musical journey.

“Gogoniant” marks Iselder’s fourth studio album. It seamlessly blends aggressive riffs and brooding melodies to explore the theme of Welsh oppression. This album integrates styles from previous efforts while introducing fresh elements that both long-time fans and new listeners will appreciate.

Iselder Cover240626

1. Saeson
2. Rebellion
3. Anti-Imperial Black Metal
4. Linguicide
5. Foreigner
6. Not My King
7. Tyranny
8. Flame Of Glyndwr

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