Melodic Metal Project, ELEMENT OF FATE, Release “Basilisk” On All Digital Platforms

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Melodic Metal project Element of Fate – featuring fantasy artist/vocalist Carol Phillips and guitarist/musician Scott Loose – have released new single, “Basilisk,” on all digital platforms. Take your pick at the following links!

“Basilisk,” as well as new track “Warhorse” (the “b-side”), were premiered exclusively on Bandcamp earlier this month.

Phillips discusses the concepts, inspiration, and music for both of these stellar new songs below.

Basilisk: “AI is at the forefront of technology today, and like a demon released from Pandora’s box, it is here to stay. Like it or not, there is no putting it back. Since its release, mankind will never be the same. Our increasing dependence on AI and technology is causing us to move further away from our humanity. These are new times in the era of man, and we are playing with fire once again. The basilisk is coming for all of us.

Inspired by Roko’s Basilisk theory, which imagines a future where an AI tortures those who didn’t help bring it into existence, I was fascinated by the concept of an evil AI overlord. Captivated by this chilling idea, I came up with a really catchy melody, and the idea for the song ‘Basilisk’ was born. Scott then worked his groovy heavy metal magic to fill out my melodies and musical ideas, bringing the track to life.

Musically, it’s a gritty, high-energy, groovy track that combines powerful riffs, haunting melodies, and intense vocals that conveys its urgent message. ‘Basilisk’ explores the rise of AI and the decline of human identity as we become increasingly dependent on this technology. It’s a commentary on the balance between technological progress and our humanity, hopefully leaving listeners both reflective and energized. Though, I feel we should heed the warning for the Basilisk, the singularity is fast approaching and AI, especially if not developed safely, it could easily become the very Basilisk that

Roko envisioned.”

Warhorse: “‘Warhorse‘ is a unique creative venture for Element of Fate unlike any of our other songs. Scott was inspired to craft an instrumental piece from some leftover riffs from ‘Night Winds.’ The riff he initially created for ‘Night Winds’ and used for ‘Warhorse’ has an amazing, powerful galloping rhythm, which inspired the song’s title. When I heard the cinematic instrumental he had made, I felt it needed some vocals.

Although there are lyrics, they are minimal. I approached the song mostly by using my voice as an instrument, expressing myself through sound textures, combining sung vocals and screams. The song reminds me of a speech given before battle.You could view it as a rallying cry, urging us to band together and stand strong in this new, unpredictable world.  The lyrics I chose are in Latin, speaking of facing the fire fearlessly, no matter what comes out of it. I wanted the message to be strong, matching the feeling of the music. I think it’s a cool track that really lets your imagination wander.”

— Carol Phillips


All music recorded at House Nine.

Mixed and mastered by John Mario at JBG Records.

Copyright 2024.

All artwork by Carol Phillips.


Carol Phillips: Vocals, Lyrics

Scott Loose: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programming

Element of Fate on Spotify

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