Spain’s SANCTUARIUM set release date for new ME SACO UN OJO / BLACKSEED album, reveal first track


Today, Me Saco Un Ojo Records – in conspiracy with BlackSeed Productions – announces September 3rd as the international release date for the highly anticipated second album of Spain’s SanctuariumMelted and DecomposedMe Saco Un Ojo will handle the vinyl LP version while BlackSeed will handle the CD version.

Catalonian death metal brutes Sanctuarium have already give us a superb demo, split, and more recently a crushing debut album. Now they return with a sophomore slice of savagery for you to sink your rotting teeth into…Melted and Decomposed.

Gut-busting basslines and skeletally fragmenting drums hit with all of the bludgeoning morbid force you can imagine. Combining this with ossuary-opening guitar and zombified vocals and you have the utterly disgusting template for Sanctuarium‘s signature soundscape: doom-laden, creeping & crawling death metal with the most fetidly raw feeling to it that is as oppressive as it is aggressive, with such a stifling atmosphere like the air escaping from a broken tomb. In a world where so many things feel polished and frankly insincere, sometimes, the underground spews up a band to right these wrongs and take death metal back to being unforgiving, dark, and revolting like it used to be.

If you feel a sense of ecstasy from hearing putrid guitars melt into cavernous drums and inhuman vocals roaring into the abyss, then this album is exactly the hit you need to be transported into the crypt for one truly engrossing experience of grotesqueries. Melted and Decomposed feels timeless and yet harnesses all of the old-school spirit triumphantly, delivering you the exact feelings that the title promises. With the artwork as a superb indicator, this is a twisted and contorted amalgamation of death metal with a unique execution that disfigures any sense of being into a putrescent onslaught of molten rot. If you have sought out some dragging, gruelling, and revolting extremity, then you are in the right place. Otherwise, stick around and you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much crushing your skull can take from these Spanish maniacs. [text by Jørgen Sven Kirby, Nattskog webzine]

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “The Disembodied Grip of Putrescine Stench” HERE at Me Saco Un Ojo‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Sanctuarium Cover240628

Tracklisting for Sanctuarium’s Melted and Decomposed
1. Abhorrent Excruciation In Reprisal [9:24]
2. Exultant Dredge Of Nameless Tombs [11:07]
3. Phlegmatic Convulsions [9:35]
4. Sadisic Cremation Of Emaciated Offal    [8:22]
5. The Disembodied Grip Of Putrescine Stench [9:50


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