New Album from Goregrinders HEMORRHOID Out Now on Extremely Rotten Productions

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Strap in for a dose of blister-boiling death metal goregrind from PDX with the debut full-length from Portland’s HEMORRHOID.

Raw Materials of Decay delivers 15 oozing sores chock full of bloody blasts & necrotic riffage. In a mere 25 minutes, this album will churn your guts and melt your face. For fans of brutal music!

Quietly released in March of this year, Raw Materials of Decay has recieved proper worldwide treatment via a collaboration between Extremely Rotten Productions and Headsplit Records.

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Raw Materials of Decay tracklist:

1) Hemorrhoidal Removal Surgery

2) Exogenous Intestinal Blockage

3) Ultimate Commode of Chaos & Carnage

4) Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis

5) Rancid Rectal Rupture

6) A Dozen Suppurating Masses

7) Stool Borne Illness

8) Sliced and Tucked

9) Raw Materials of Decay

10) Dante’s Fecal Inferno

11) Liquefied In A Caustic Sludge

12) Esophageal Rupture

13) Ectopic Scrambling

14) Festering Blood Pit

15) Cacophony of Bloody Lactation

Cover artwork by Filtheffigy. Raw Materials of Decay was recorded and mixed by Charlie Koryn at Underworld Studios and mastered by Noah Buchanan.

HEMORRHOID was formed in the US Pacific Northwest in 2021 with the intention to play sick, grinding death metal. The band made their live debut during a mini-tour with Necropsy Odor and Human Effluence in 2022. A rehearsal promo was released to mark the trek. The official demo came out in January 2023, followed by a small Finland & Denmark run with Torture Rack in 2023.



Obsessor of Necrotic Coitus – bass

Disgustor – drums/vocals

Crystal Seth – guitar/vocals

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