PHAËTHON – Debut Album “Wielder Of The Steel” via Gates Of Hell Records – UK Epic Heavy Metal Track Premiere

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Gates Of Hell Records proudly announces the debut full-length of London based Epic Heavy Metallers PHAËTHON, set for release on August 30th 2024.

Wielder Of The Steel” is an eight-song herald of metal reverence and majesty that will no doubt appeal to fans of Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Bathory and Cirith Ungol. A masterclass in metal glory!

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at The Arch Recording Studio in Southport, England. Of immense consequence to the album’s sound is the construct of The Arch, which is a repurposed Methodist church. The Arch’s hallowed halls were ideal for drum tracking — a crucial element in capturing epic, old-school heavy metal. The setup also enabled PHAËTHON to track the rhythm section (drums, two guitars and bass) together, allowing PHAËTHON to sound like a band and not a collection of individual instruments.

The numbers on “Wielder Of The Steel” share a common thematic thread, with the cautionary tale of PHAËTHON at its core. The songs delve into the profound impact of narratives on humankind – be it of gods, superstitions, or outright lies – extending beyond the confines of Greek mythology. It is fitting lyrical matter for an album that brilliantly weaves a sonic and narrative journey through eras of valour and conflict, empires lost to time, and epic tales of defiance and ambition, all laying bare the eternal juxtaposition between mankind’s hubris and his indomitable spirit.

The first single, “Eternal Hammerer“, has been premiered at this location:


1. Eternal Hammerer

2. Vanguard of the Emperor

3. For the Greater Good of Evil

4. Tolls of Perdition

5. Blasphemers

6. Forgotten Gods

7. Phaëthon Must Fall

8. Wielder of the Steel



Vrath – Vocals, Guitar

Decado – Guitar

Aees – Bass

Oskarath – Drums +++ +++ +++

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