ROT COVEN – noise-drenched industrial death metal/sludge duo to release “Nightmares Devour the Waking World” debut album in August

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ROT COVEN have announced the release of their debut album Nightmares Devour The Waking World, due out August 15th 2024 via Aesthetic Death.

The track “Antimatter Halo” is now streaming at THIS LOCATION.

ROT COVEN is a 2-piece, noise-drenched industrial death metal/sludge band.

MZ sings and plays bass and drums while DD focuses more on guitar, then both members slather everything in layers of noise boxes, scrap metal, ritual drums and processed field recordings. This duo has been creating music together in various bands for around twenty years.

Born of a lifelong love of cosmic horror, heavy riffs, and creeped-out industrial noise, the band that would become ROT COVEN first saw the light of day during the COVID-19 lockdowns of spring 2020.

The initial idea was to fuse ominous dark ambient synth textures with pounding “doom” style drums, but bass, guitars, vocals, and scrap metal percussion were quickly added to the mix resulting in a room-shaking cacophony equal parts Autopsy, Chu Ishikawa and the slow crawling No-Wave dirges of early SWANS.

ROT COVEN‘s first physical release “Nightmares Devour the Waking World” pairs two full-length albums: Phase I (initally self-released through the duo’s bandcamp) and the unreleased follow-up Phase IIPhase I builds colossal sludge riffs out of lurking death industrial dronescapes with the final track erupting into a supernova of scorching psychedelic leads and almost “doomgaze” melodicism, while Phase II descends deeper into the abyss, adding elements of unrelentingly ugly death metal to their apocalyptic scum-dirge.

Both albums explore a planet ravaged by cataclysms – storms of poison ash, churning acidic seas, and deserts that spread like a sentient organism. Colony collapse disorder on a galactic scale. A world where nature is so thoroughly gutted that reality itself starts to corrode, letting something seep in from “outside.” A hostile consciousness so massive and utterly alien that the last remaining humans begin to worship it as a god:

Hideous rituals of blood and fire.
Cathedrals sculpted from scrap metal and the shattered bones of the dead.
The soul slowly, inexorably, replaced by void.

ROT COVEN draws influence from Godflesh, Coffins, Abruptum, Wallowing, Body Void, Ramleh, Pain Teens, White Mice, Throbbing Gristle, Missing Foundation, Melvins, Flipper, early Butthole Surfers, Mighty Sphincter, No Trend, Einstürzende Neubauten, Lustmord and Megaptera.


Phase I:
01. Blood Pours Out of the Sun
02. Feast of the Rotted Mother
03. Antimatter Halo
04. Queen of the Void
05. Those Who Worship Fallen Stars

Phase II:
01. Inverted Chasm
02. Psychological Contamination Zone
03. Accretion Disk Necropolis


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