HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE Sign To Transcending Obscurity, Release New Single

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Transcending Obscurity is proud to announce the signing of Canadian black metal band HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE. Known for their unique blend of atmospheric black metal and post-metal, HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE delivers an elegant concoction of stirring, throbbing music with just the right amount of emotive depth. The band’s highly anticipated album, Moirae, is set for release in 2024, with preorders beginning later this month. In celebration of this signing, HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE has released their lead single “Fates” from the upcoming album.

“We are excited to work with more black metal bands on the label, and the latest one is HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE from Canada. They play black metal which bears influences of atmospheric black metal and also some post-metal; it’s an elegant concoction of stirring, throbbing music with just the right amount of emotive depth. The album will go up for preorder later this month and you can listen to one of the songs from it in the meantime,” says the label.

“We are beyond thrilled to be releasing our album Moirae through Transcending Obscurity. It is so humbling to be in league with a roster of incredible bands from all corners of extreme metal throughout the world. Very grateful to Kunal for taking a chance on this album. We are excited to see where our newfound partnership takes us! Moirae was written and recorded over 2020/2022—its tone and atmosphere reflect that. It deals with the idea of choice and whether or not it’s ours to make, or if it’s already been laid down at our feet, ready for us to follow,” shares the band.

Moirae explores the necessary human process of birth, proliferation, and death, through metaphor and esoteric meaning, allowing listeners to interpret the songs as they see fit. The album opens with the title track, setting the tone with intense blackened guitars and dynamic rhythms. It continues with “Fates” and “Degrade,” exploring human persistence and its consequences. “Loss” introduces a solemn gloom, while “Atropos” concludes the album with a reflection on destiny and acceptance.


Based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE produces blackened hardcore with a surprisingly emotional edge. Their music delivers an eerie ambiance across guitar-driven tracks, contrasting instrumental layers, and evocative moods. Initially starting as a post-hardcore act in 2014, the band gradually incorporated more black metal influences, evolving into a post-black style with atmospheric flourishes.


Nathan Boots – Guitarist
James Ditty – Drums
Nathan Ferreira – Vocals, Bass


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Moirae Track Listing: 

  1. Moirae    
  2. Fates    
  3. Degrade    
  4. Loss    
  5. Atropos

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