LIMINAL SHROUD Streaming ‘Visions of Collapse’ Album Ahead of Official Release!

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Canadian Black Metal trio LIMINAL SHROUD have partnered with the Black Metal Promotions YouTube Channel for the pre-release stream of forthcoming album, Visions of Collapse! The album will be released July 5 on Willowtip. Stream it now at:

“A spacious, ambitious record that is perhaps this band’s best, a release that should open the eyes and ears of any conscious black metal listener who gives a fuck.”

– Meat Mead Metal

“This new plunge into Liminal Shroud‘s universe is yet another way of clearing the mind and letting the band fill it with darkness. Visions of Collapse is a harbinger of the furious melancholy that the band never hesitates to spread to fascinate us.” (90/100)

– Acta Infernalis

“One of the best Black Metal albums of the year.”

– Metal Eclipse Reviews

“An excellent album!”

– Metal-Temple

“Liminal Shroud’s willingness to both wallow in negativity and use it as fuel to power anthemic moments sets them above their monochromatic peers.”

– Toilet ov Hell

Visions of Collapse will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Pre-order at the following links:



Cleansing in collapse, solace in emergence from tunnels of psychic distortion, sanctuary in the dissolution of the spirit, and a salute once again to the worthlessness of it all, Visions of Collapse is Liminal Shroud’s new offering of surging, evocative, and forward-thinking black metal.

“On this record we have elevated everything in our arsenal to new heights. Serpentine songwriting and cathartic conviction reflect again the elemental forces of destruction of the coast, and capturing moments of sorrow, solitude and grandeur, we seek to find ourselves in annihilation. Adherence to tradition and the will to push ever-onward find their fusion in the interplay of melody, rhythmic vigor, and subtle progressive voicing. Primordial oceans churn, searing winds howl, and a baleful void opens above – cast yourself in and submit to the scythe.”

 – Liminal Shroud

Track Listing:

1. Nocturnal Phosphoresence

2. Nucleonic Blight

3. Resolve

4. Malaspina

5. The Carving Scythe


All music and lyrics written by Liminal Shroud.

Co-produced, recorded, and mixed by Matt Roach; Additional audio engineering by Emily Ryan – Rain City Recorders, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Mastered by Greg Chandler – Priory Recording Studios, UK.

Artwork by Misanthropic Art.

Liminal Shroud240502
Photo Credit: Hehr Photography


Aidan Crossley – Guitar/Vocals

Rich Taylor – Bass/Vocals

Drew Davidson – Drums

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