Melodic Death Metallers DREADMASK Announce Debut EP; First Single Out Now


International death metal band Dreadmask has set October 1st as the release date for their debut EP, ‘Thy Prime Dread.’
Today, the band also releases the first single, ‘Reign Of Fear,’ now available on YouTube:, and other streaming platforms.
“This is the first single from our debut album, “Thy Prime Dread”. The song addresses coping with a reign of fear, and having nothing left to lose. Through a maze of trials, it’s about being free from fear and constraints” – says the band

In early 2023, a spark ignited the flames of Dreadmask, a melodic death metal band based in Eindhoven, with members originating from Greece, Hungary, and The Netherlands.

Fuelled by their shared passion for meaningful heavy music, Dreadmask wasted no time in making their mark on the scene. After each member had taken a break from previous bands, it was John Kourentas, Elger van Delft and Antonis Mougiakakos who initiated the band’s first incarnation. When Zoltán Herczog came aboard in the summer of 2023, the group was settled.

Dreadmask, derived from the fusion of ‘dread’ and ‘mask,’ embodies the essence of fear and concealment. While ‘dread’ signifies the haunting grip of anxiety, ‘mask’ alludes to the veils we arise to shield our vulnerabilities. On the journey of playing the game of societal norms, we encounter our ‘Prime Dread’—our deepest fears.

Each member of Dreadmask brings their unique musical influences to the forefront, encompassing swedish death metal riffs, growling vocals, soaring melodies, progressive metal’s nuances, and black metal-inspired melancholy.

Dreadmask is:
John Kourentas: Lead/Rhythm Guitars and Keys
Antonis Mougiakakos: Bass and Lead Vocals
Zoltán Herczog: Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Elger van Delft: Drums

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