Finnish Thrash Legends BLOODRIDE Issue New Studio Update on Upcoming Album!


Finnish thrash legends, BLOODRIDE, are currently entrenched in the crucible of creation, meticulously molding what is destined to be the next monumental chapter in thrash metal history. Their passion ignites the studio as they channel their raw energy and unrivaled skill into their fifth album, promising an unparalleled auditory assault that will redefine the boundaries of thrash metal.

Studio Confessions from the Heart of the Metal Storm – Drummer Petteri Shares Insight:

“Bloodride in the studio 2024; Even more thrashing than slowing down. The recipe is simple; we did it with the ‘trial and error’ method. Recorded some guitars, listened at home, everyone had something to say and then we made adjustments accordingly. Recorded again and had the jury have its say, and repeat. Then vocals and so on. Decisions, decisions, not always easy, but the goal is mutual…
At the time it seems there is some serious headbanging brewing. Be afraid, be very afraid…”

Stay tuned for more updates from the studio as BLOODRIDE continues to craft their next thrash masterpiece.

Experience the ferocity of BLOODRIDE in their latest music videos:
‘Hate of Hatred’ official video –
‘Cast Out From Idiocracy’ official video –
Bloodride LIVE @ Speed Metal Party Tampere 13th of August 2022 –
‘Planet Alcatraz’ official video –
Bloodride live @ Helsinki 15th September 2017 –
‘Horror Has a New Prey’ official video –
‘Battered’ official video –

Formed in 2000, BLOODRIDE has been a force to be reckoned with in the Finnish thrash metal scene. Their journey began with the EP “Bloodridden Disease” in 2004, leading to their debut full-length album “Crowned In Hell” in 2011. Their latest and fourth album, “Idiocracy,” was unleashed in September 2021 through Great Dane Records. BLOODRIDE’s sonic assault combines old-school thrash metal with dark death metal elements and the raw edge of hardcore, delivering a headbanging, neck-breaking experience. Over the years, they’ve shared stages with legendary acts like Exhumed, Exodus, Nunslaughter, Toxic Holocaust, and Whiplash, consistently delivering an electrifying live performance that’s nothing short of a perfect storm.

– Jykä Leskinen: Vocals
– Esa Pennala: Bass
– Simo Partanen: Guitar
– Teemu Vähäkangas: Guitar
– Petteri Lammassaari: Drums

– “Idiocracy” – Album, Release Date: 2021-09-17, Label: Great Dane Records
– “Planet Alcatraz” – Album, Release Date: 2016-11-25, Label: Inverse Records
– “Bloodmachine” – Album, Release Date: 2014-03-14, Label: Violent Journey Records
– “Crowned in Hell” – Album, Release Date: 2011-04-16, Label: Violent Journey Records
– “Supreme Predator” – Single, Release Date: 2010-04
– “Bloodridden Disease” – EP, Release Date: 2004

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