BLOODCROWN – Unleashed the Video of “Other I“; New Album “Sound of Flesh And Bone“ Out on July 26th!


The Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal Band BLOODCROWN has dropped the new video for Other I. The track is featured in the new album Sound of Flesh And Bone, whose release date is set on July 26th via Gruesome Records.

Watch the video of Other I on YouTube!

Pre-order Sound of Flesh And Bone“ on Bandcamp:

The band explained on the new song: “Other I” is a song about meeting the other self. That part you don’t show, that no one else knows about. Who am I when no one sees it? Often it is the part of you inside that you are ashamed of, a voice of darkness and sometimes an action. Sometimes it is so foreign to you that you see it as another person, but it is you, your darkness.”

The album revolves around a lot of human existential thoughts. Everything from mental illness, social critical conspiracies, liberation from the slavery of social order to a struggle beyond our physical world. A real darkness that rules spiritually behind the scenes.

Sound of Flesh And Bone features 11 tracks for over 41 minutes of playing time in the veins of The Haunted, Terror 2000, At The Gates, Entombed, and The Crown!

Enclosed you see the artwork created by Marcio Blasphemator (Blasphemator Art), while the definitive tracklist can be read as follows:

Bloodcrown Cover240704

1. When Wolves

2. Sword Cut

3. Other I

4. Sound of Flesh and Bone

5. Hypnotized in Chains

6. Momentary

7. Paralysis

8. Purge

9. Obscenity

10. Evil Pandemic

11. Fire of Resistance

Music and lyrics by Bloodcrown. Recorded and mixed by Rickard Gustafsson at Scorched Noise Productions. Mastered by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec. Band photos by Rebecka Gustafsson. Logo by Barry Halldan.


Barry Halldan – Vocals

Johan Wold Ylenstrand – Guitar, Bass

Rickard Gustafsson – Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Jachin – Drums






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