DEFILED Announce New Album

“For fans of the classic era of death metal” – Blabbermouth
“Nobody sounds like these guys; they make art out of riffs, snares and death” – 
New Noise

When it comes to Japanese death metal, there is no shrewder sensei than Defiled. Since they started their training in the world’s most vulgar of art forms back in the early ’90s, the band have toured everywhere from their native Tokyo to Milwaukee Metal Fest with the likes of Mayhem, Incantation, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse.

Now, after 30 years of destroying the opposition at the highest level, these self-proclaimed samurai of death metal are back with their eighth album. Horror Beyond Horror is the kind of good ol’ fashioned ass-kicking that only a true master can deliver.

Horror Beyond Horror comes out September 20 on Season of Mist.

Watch the video for To See Beyond the Wall

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After they first took to the stage in 1995, Defiled needed nearly a decade before finally erupting with wrath on their debut album. But ever since the band’s lineup solidified around original member Yusuke Sumita, they haven’t  stopped to look back and admire their war path. Horror Beyond Horror comes hot on the heels of the album they released just last year, which Metal Injection listed as one of the can’t-miss releases of 2023.

Anyone who took The Highest Level at face value will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Defiled have only added another grimy coat of blood to their blade. “To See Behind the Wall” is the final boss on Horror Beyond Horror, but the album’s first single wastes no time charging into the fray behind a barrage of old-school death metal. Whether they’re slicing, dicing or leaping into a furiously fast solo, the riffs take no prisoners.   

“The path to your elimination”, Shinichiro Hamada cries, digging in amidst a flurry of blast beats, before unleashing an ungodly war cry.

“What is behind the wall?”, Defiled ask on their new single. “The truth that has been hidden? Our sanity as human beings? Are we, who are inside the wall, now in a world of deceit and madness?”

More praise for Defiled

“The one-two punch of tight musicianship and an inclination to pummel into submission without the need for flashy antics makes for a dazzling experience” – Ghost Cult

“Straight to the point and relentless”
 – Distorted Sound

Encapsulates both the oldschool familiarity and the modern aesthetics of death metal” – Metal Trenches

Defiled Cover240704

Tracklist:1. Smoke and Mirrors (2:35)
2. Horror Beyond Horror (4:01)
3. Syndicate (3:59)
4. The Alchemy (2:47)
5. Demagogue (2:13)
6. The Terminal Phase (2:18)
7. Trojan Horse (2:35)
8. Spectrum of Fear (2:30)
9. The Crook and Flail (3:08)
10. Replicator Dynamics (2:42)
11. Equinox (3:04)
12. The Chains (3:16)
13. Psychopomp (3:14)
14. To See Behind The Wall (2:45) [WATCH]

Style: Old School Death Metal
Country: Japan
FFO: Cryptopsy, Deicide, Monstrosity (early)

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