INSINERATEHYMN sign with MEMENTO MORI, prepare third album

[photo: Lola Salazar]

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage death metal, Memento Mori are extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: Insineratehymn, from the United States.Hailing from Los Angeles, Insineratehymn have managed to position themselves in the taste of underground extreme metal fans with their powerful death metal clearly influenced by classic bands, giving a masterclass in ’90s death metal, from the spiraling vortexes of early Tampa to the sewage to come from New York, through to eerie emanations from Europe and the dissonance at the dawn of the new millennium. Naturally, the band bend those classic tropes in a variety of ways, all of which bespeak their own identity. Scuzzy, slicing, clanging, angular, brutal beatdown, ignorant stomp, or just straightforward killshot: no weapon is left aside. Simply, Insineratehymn are death metal for death metal maniacs, by death metal maniacs who understand and appreciate the rich-yet-codified history of the genre. Handy references to be made include Sadistic Intent, Monstrosity, Suffocation, Grave, Edge of Sanity, Demigod, Sentenced – and of course, Deicide, who provided their namesake.

Insineratehymn‘s third full-length is due for release on October 21st, 2024. Memento Mori will release the CD version while Rotted Life will take care of the vinyl and tape versions. Further details to follow in the coming months. For more info, consult the links below.


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