Bengaluru’s Progressive Death Metal Masters EC{C}ENTRIC PENDULUM Reveal Details of Upcoming Full-Length “Perspectiva Invertalis”!

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India-based Progressive Death Metal band EC{C}ENTRIC PENDULUM is proud to announce that the new album, entitled “Perspectiva Invertalis”, will be released on September 6th via Subcontinental Records. The new opus – available as CD, vinyl, and digital – features 7 brand-new tracks in the veins of Cynic, Death, and Opeth!

Watch the album teaser

& the playthrough video of “Narcissistic Myopia” feat. drummer Kevin Paradis

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“Perspectiva Invertalis” features the return of one of the original members, guitarist Ashish Kumar alongside founding member Arun Natarajan (also Moral Collapse) and the new found force and technical wizardry of drummer Kevin Paradis from BENIGHTED and NE OBLIVISCARIS

The band moved on completing the album during the pandemic, performing in their respective studios spread across the world. Kevin Paradis laid his tracks down in France, and the remaining parts mostly were recorded in India and some in Germany. The song “In Pretence” also features the talent of Hannes Grossmann (former drummer for Necrophagist, Obscura). Arjun Mulky and Ankit Suryakanth further reinforce the foundation with their relentless rhythm section further reconstructing the aggressive clandestine structure of extreme metal through an intricate interplay of riffs. Each track is a maze of its own, with ruthless melodies and solos that complement each other, involving the listeners/onlookers instantly into their vortex of carefully crafted sound. 

Based on a Latin phrase that translates to “inverted perspective”, the album features 7 songs in the band’s trademark progressive death/thrash metal style. Lyrics deal with human inadequacies, greed, and other negative qualities that speak about the turmoil that goes on between mankind and different races. It also has a primitive timeline, not reflecting the human behavior in the 20th century but more in the 16th or 17th century, the pursuit of gold, land, women, pleasure, religion, rituals, god, beauty, and other materialistic pleasures, it talks about the shortsightedness that leads to the ultimate chaos and downfall of everything created. Hence delivering a completely “inverted perspective” of what’s good and what’s evil. 

Enclosed you see the artwork created by Sam Ektoplasm, while the definitive tracklist can be read as follows:

Eccentric Pendulum Cover240706

1. Churning of The Blood Ocean

2. In Pretence

3. Encaged Visions of The Unobstructed

4. Cyclic Vicissitude

5. In Exile

6. Narcissistic Myopia

7. Immersed In Reverence

Album mixed and mastered by Kevin Paradis. Band logo by Arjun Mulky. Photos by Sharath Holla, Stefan Craduta. Playthrough video by Daniel Sharma.


Ashish Kumar – Guitars

Ankit Suryakanth – Guitars

Arjun Mulky – Guitars

Arun Natarajan – Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Kevin Paradis – Drums (session)

Vibhas Venkatram – Drums

Hannes Grossmann – Guest Drums on “In Pretence”





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