WORMED Releases New Album ‘Omegon’

Dimensional rifts tear asunder; the primordial echoes rend the silence of the cosmos. From the uncharted depths of Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal ascends a leviathan of sound and fury—WORMED. This ensemble of cosmic architects now heralds the arrival of Omegon, a journey that defies the constraints of space-time and thrusts listeners into the heart of ancient interstellar conflict.

At the narrative core lies Krighsu, a hacker of timelines ensnared by the very fabric of cosmic dissonance. The saga unfolds across nine meticulously composed tracks, each a portal into dimensions where existential truths clash and the essence of reality bends. From the chaotic zenith of AUTOMATON VIRTULAGUE to the prophetic whispers of PROTOGOD and the gravitational vortex of PLEOVERSE OMNINERTIAOmegon weaves an intricate nexus of cosmic lore.

Prepare to transpose your consciousness beyond the terrestrial sphere and into an astral plane where time is but a malleable construct. Each track on Omegon showcases WORMED‘s unassailable prowess in the tech death metal domain, sculpting aural landscapes that defy the boundaries of imagination.

The full cosmic album can be streamed now on the Season of Mist YouTube channel:

Omegon is out today, Friday, July 5 on Season of Mist.

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Praise for ‘Omegon’

“The guitar playing continues to be on another level as they throw riff after riff towards the listener.” – The Razor’s Edge

“Omegon is different, it’s less interested in being the heaviest album in the planet and more into creating intricate music that really portrays a violent cosmic quest.” – Metal Epidemic

“You’ll be astounded by the sheer heavy nature of this record mixed with beard stroking wonderment.” – Ave Noctum

Wormed Cover240502

1. Automaton Virtulague (4:13) [WATCH]
2. Pareidolia Robotica (4:56)
3. Protogod (4:48) [LISTEN]
4. Pleoverse Omninertia (3:44) [LISTEN]
5. Malignant Nexus (1:58)
6. Virtual Teratogenesis (4:28)
7. Aetheric Transdimensionalization (4:53)
8. Gravitational Servo Matrix (4:25)
9. Omegon (7:31)
Total runtime: 41:00

Country: Spain (ES)
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal


Space – the final frontier. Yet, when WORMED reach out into the void, the results sound far more like a dark space opera inhabited by bizarre aliens, genetically and technically evolved meta-humans struggling for power and survival in galactic empires. Now, the nano-technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu!

Odd-time signatures, avalanches of breaks and complex rhythmical as well as melodic patterns will excite every aficionado of extreme technicality, while growls down-tuned strings and double-bass assaults will more than satisfy extreme metal connoisseurs. While being outstandingly skilled musicians WORMED are avoiding any self-indulgent show of prowess for its own sake. Instead, the five-piece from Madrid clearly lays its emphasis on creating atmospheric songs, which develop and grow along the underlying story.

Originating from Spain’s capital Madrid in 1998, WORMED immediately made an impact in the death metal scene with the release of their ‘Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome’ MCD (1999). Following a promo CD under the title ‘Voxel Mitosis’ (2001), the first studio album ‘Planisphaerium’ received high acclaim by critics and fans alike in 2003. In the wake of their debut full-length, the Spanish received invitations to international festival shows and touring around the globe. WORMED performed in Japan alongside GORATORY and VOMIT REMNANTS and afterwards hit Europe with MALIGNANCY and DESPONDENCY.

A creative hiatus, partly due to line-up changes and filled with re-issues of their previous released as well as the single ‘Quasineutrality’ (2010) finally ended, when their sophomore album ‘Exodromos’ came out in 2013. On their third full-length ‘Krighsu’ (2016), the fast-rising Spanish Sci-Fi tech death prodigies are telling a dystopian cosmic story with lyrics and music joined into an overarching concept. Its intense brutality, dissonant dynamic riffing, and tremendous heaviness combined with an amazing futuristic concept, which introduced the character Krighsu – last human in the cosmos, harvested top reviews and saw WORMED headlining in the US and co-headlining in Europe.

In the summer of 2019, WORMED brought their ultra-technical cosmic sonic onslaught to new heights on their 4-track EP ‘Metaportal’, released through Season of Mist. Praised as a monstrously satisfying addition to their catalogue, the EP bridged the gap between their previously released 2016 ‘Krighsu’ and their newest project. Atmospheric yet faithful to the skull-crushing mindboggling textures they’ve given fans over the years, ‘Metaportal’ allowed WORMED to come to terms with the loss of Guillermo Calero in 2018 and move forward.

On ‘Omegon’, WORMED’s upcoming 2024 release, they continue the story of Krigshu, a timeline hacker entangled in manipulation by cosmic forces. As viciously as the aggression they bring on their technically impressive instruments, Krigshu battles his way to unlock the mysteries of Omegon, a mysterious cosmic substance holding ultimate power. With 9 tracks of ultimate interstellar chaos, a story unfolds and WORMED prove yet again that they reign supreme on the technical death metal genre.

Phlegeton – Vocals
Migueloud – Guitars
D-Kazar – Guitars
Guillemoth – Bass
V-Kazar – Drums

Recording Studio
BlackStorm Studios (Karrantza, Basque Country)

Production Credits
Ekaitz Garmendia – Producer & Sound Engineer
Mixed & Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves (Queens, NY, USA)
Editing by Simon Da Silva at The Empty Hall (Madrid, ES)

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