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The latest album of Necroratory entitled “Ars Nepharia” was released in 2022 with the help of, resulting in a digipack CD format. What did you expect from this well-designed release? What were your experiences compared to the previously released – mainly digital-only – albums?

Hail Kronos Mortus, thank you for your inquiry!
First of all, just a quick correction: all of our releases came out in physical format too, one hundred copies each. The first one was released by us, as the person whom we earlier would have signed with pulled us down (and a couple of other bands, too) and slipped away. We didn’t even want to deal with it anymore, so we found a solution by ourselves. The „Vision” album was released by the German „Wolfmond Production” label in such an unpretentious format that we had to go on with another author’s edition. This is how „III.” was released – we didn’t even look for a publisher. We didn’t know anyone and had no money – we just wanted to make music. We considered „III.” so promising that we approached upon Szabi’s recommendation to publish “Ars Nepharia”. We put a lot of work into it, so it deserved a bigger release. Unfortunately, we were naive. We produced zero profit out of it: we just had some debt left. It was a total disappointment. We just got a single opportunity to play live, where – to put it mildly – we didn’t even have the privilege to do a proper soundcheck, even though everyone could do it before us. Still, it was a great show nonetheless: we received positive feedback. We thought that we’ll have a chance to play live at festivals. Well, no. As far as I know, back in the days of “Ars Nepharia”, if Hammer released your album, it costed around 3 million. We do not have such enormous reserves. Nowadays if you want to release an album, you have to pay quite a bit of money. It’s all about business – it’s understandable, though, as people are looking for just the trending bands. If you succeed, then you win – if not, then you fail: it’s all about taking risks. In hindsight, we should have waited with the release. Back then, there was the Covid madness: there were no concerts, despite that we even managed to get into the lineup of Rockmarathon. It was pure bad timing. I wanted to push it, because I had a lot of ideas: I love playing and writing music. By doing so, you can express your feelings.

After that – unexpectedly to me – the band stopped existing from one minute to the next. What happened to you that led you to such a serious decision? How final did you feel this decision was?

I personally became fed up with the whole ass-licking, nepotistic scene built on personal relationships. If a live show is delayed, then the main organizer obviously tries to make up the lost time, meaning that everyone gets less time to play. It’s perfectly fine, it goes like this everywhere. However, when the main organizer’s band step on the stage, they start exactly at 20:00 – but once they come off, the entire schedule will be ignored again, and everything will be delayed very roughly. When I mentioned it, I obviously was labelled as a jerk.
On the other hand, several band members played in multiple bands. Their attention was not focused on Necroratory. We failed to take advantage of opportunities that we shouldn’t have neglected. We could have played with Batushka, Belphegore, Hate, and even with Fleshgod Apocalypse – separately, in different years.
Then the arguments happened, and many found it easier to back out.

Fortunately, there came the news that you’re making music again. However, you’re not a five-piece band anymore, but the band consist only of three members. What was it that changed? How – and in which extent – did you share the duty of the band rehearsals and other band-related stuff? How dedicated you are concerning this new impetus?

This is already the umpteenth attempt, as it’s hard to find suitable, committed bandmates. As life has driven all three of us to (geographically) distinct places, we don’t do band rehearsals: we practice at home. Once an ideal drummer and guitarist – who desire and want Necro – join us, the previous order of things will be restored. But this way it’s unnecessary to maintain a rehearsal room.
We write songs in a continuous manner, and we set no limits on the tempo either: we always wanted records with this kind of speed. There were quite a few times when the tempo was set back, and I find it quite incomprehensible. Obviously not every song has to be written at 210 bpm – however, if this tempo suits well to a certain song, then it should not be restricted.
We all agreed on writing records, as there is always an idea, a concept and a vision.

…and now we got the new single entitled “When We Die” – for the time being in digital format, with 6 songs. After the break, I think you managed to put all things together quite quickly. How much of a break was it in reality? In which extent have you seceded from playing music? Did you miss the sound of hell so badly?

The fact that we became less in our numbers gave us even more strength and determination to make the album come true. Let what we always wanted come true! It’s fast, dynamic, massive, powerful – and beautiful, nonetheless. The drum should sound like a drum. I can’t stop making music, and that’s exactly the same with Szabi and Odivm. If this kind of projection isn’t possible, it always leaves an empty void behind.

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What do we need to know about Márton Ferenci, Ildikó Megyesi Turbuczné and Eka Saputra? Why did they become the most suitable people for you?

Márton has already been working with us since the „III.”album. He’s an excellent professional, a talented musician and a nice guy. We love working with him. He didn’t just do the production work for the „When We Die” material, but also played an instrument.
Concerning Ildikó’s work, I just saw it and fell in love with that picture. It reflects everything that I envisioned about how an album cover should look like. It’s great!
Since there is such a big debate around artworks created by artificial intelligence, we let the final version painted by Eka, so that we can avoid any potential surface to get attacked. He also did a nice job for Ars – and we don’t like to search for new people.
I must mention, how hypocritical it is this current way of thinking against artificial intelligence. Artwork designers – kudos to the exceptions! – have been using it for a long time, but now others who have not dealt with it so far have also started using it. They are just afraid of the competition. We are totally deceived! People wouldn’t believe, how many big bands made their records this way. It’s not even surprising anymore, when someone writes music this way. Fortunately, this has not yet became widespread in the metal music scene: it is more typical of popular music. People, on the other hand, get easily fooled.

Although the six new songs from Necroratory are somewhat epic with excellent riffs, they are also brutal, too. Can we conclude that this short period of rest had a positive influence on the band? How do you see the final product?

Thank you – we also see and hear that it turned out well. There is always room for improvement, though, and that’s okay!

You signed a contract with Ascension Records – as far as I know, they will release it on CD in December. I think this is a great achievement! What was their opinion on you, what was the basis upon which they decided to contract you – and where did they find you at all?

Yes, we were very happy that they saw something in us without any financial implications and that they fancied our material. It is an honor that they took the material under their care. Deliberately turning away from Europe, we looked for a label directly in Central and South America.
We get quite a lot of positive feedback from overseas. They are fanatics!
Ascension Records has many releases of very high standard, and they expressed their good opinion on our album.

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You’ve been around for over 10 years, and it seems that you’re on the right track. When can you start playing live – how feasible it is currently? What are the plans?

The whole music industry works like our own country. At the same time, people scold the government, the system and the political parties. Be somebody’s somebody! Have connections! Love to siphon people’s back door! You must have a lot of money or rich ancestors who support you. You shouldn’t be straightforward and tell the truth, because then others will be offended and never seek you out!
There will be a serious request for a live show: we can make it come true by hiring session musicians. Fortunately, there are still good-hearted and honest people, who don’t just work for the interest of their own.
We no longer organize concerts like we used to, so that’s also out of the question.
in Hungary, concerts and bands performing at festivals are a world of insiders. It’s not just a simple coincidence that there always perform the same bands. It’s quite common that the organizers have a band themselves – they invite only those who might be able to invite them back or have something of interest. There are very few exceptions.
With these prospects, we don’t have much of a chance. We excel in none of these things… 😊

As the latest release corresponds to some kind of a single, I wonder when a full-length album will follow. What should the fans of black metal prepare for? 😊

There will be a new record – and although it would be very artistic to say that „we only stop when we die”, I know that I would regret it later.
Our journey is not over with death: new doors open then, and a new chapter begins.

As I said – and as far as I know – most of the previous Necroratory albums were released digitally. Is it possible that they will be released on CD or vinyl at some point? How beneficial would that be for you? In what extent do the fans demand it from you?

They were already released, but they were all sold out – they were issued in 100 copies. There is a plan for the publication of a combined release summarizing the work so far.
We are always happy if there is a need for it, and people see it as a viable approach. We primarily write the tracks for ourselves: this is our self-realization, when we get into this state of dematerialization. I write these songs, because this is what I miss, and this is what I like to listen to. If it works for someone else, then respect!

If we compare the songs from the first album with the latest ones, what would you say about them? In which ways are you different, and how much do you think you’ve changed over the years? How decisive these multiple lineup changes were?

Just like a life course, it starts at one level and leads to a certain point. I love the older releases, too. Naturally it would have been better to jump into them with more experience, but we were happy that we could record our album at all. The sound wasn’t an issue back then. The tracks would have turned out much better under different circumstances. Time always changes, but the circumstances and the framework are limited.
Two persons had a great influence on me during all these lineup changes: Odivm, who give me what I need on spiritual level. He’s a great supporting force, similarly to Szabi, who is a natural talent. He constantly strives for the maximum and the perfect – he’s a major driving force with excellent ideas.
As Major Dániel, an old good friend of mine (who played bass for us earlier) said: surround yourself with people who bring out the best – the maximum – of you!


What is it that draws you to the darker side? Can the current “prettier” side be called „good” at all? How screwed up do you think people’s brains are?

We have been led by the nose from the very beginning, and we are just playthings. They try to force a lot of crap upon us, starting with the formation of religions and parties that practically all want the same thing, but none of them is for our own interest. And we fall foul of each other like sheep, just the way they want us – while priests, politicians, bankers, company managers get rich. That’s exactly, why everyone should put their foot down.
No thinking people are needed anymore, but only servants and consumers.
It is enough to take a look at Christianity: Lucifer is labeled as negative, but why? Because they say so? In the course of history, Nazis lost the war, so they became the bad guys and take all the blame. And of course, we Hungarians who didn’t even have a choice but to go to war – just because the world powers were teased by the developing German economy. The Hungarians were already disarmed after 1848 – the Habsburgs never wanted a strong Hungary.
Anyway, I wandered off – a book could be written about these things.

Finally, coming back to the new album, please confirm that this is the best Necroratory release so far! Let be blood spitting, and fire blowing – and let the crosses turn! Thank you so much for the interview!

This is our opinion too!
Thank you for the opportunity! Hail!





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