Anglo-American EnviroMetal Pioneers MOOSE CULT Releasing ‘Book of the Machines’ in September

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Featuring members of MonsterworksThūn, and Bull Elephant, Anglo-American EnviroMetal Pioneers, MOOSE CULT, will release sophomore album, Book of the Machines, on September 6 via Eat Lead and Die Music.

Mastered masterfully by Dan Swanö at Unisound, an opening salvo in the form of “Headless Cult” is streaming at:

The need for a new cult was sparked by frontman Jon (aka Jonny Moose) generating a wealth of death/doom riffs collected during and after the pandemic (does it ever really end?). Since albums were already underway from related projects MonsterworksThūn and Bull Elephant, he figured “why not start up yet another band that sounds practically the same as all the rest!?”

MOOSE CULT is rounded out by the reliable brothers in metallic arms of Hugo (aka Huge Cult; of MonsterworksThūnBull Elephant) playing fretless bass and James Knoerl on drums (AviationsGargoyl, Thūn), with a new collaborator in Tommy Loose (Smokescreen, solo artist) on lead guitar.

The self-titled debut album was thrown together and released to little fanfare in 2023, and is available at A self-titled mission statement is also available in video form at

Book of the Machines deviates a little from the original envirometal theme and lifts much inspiration from the novel “Erewhon” (Samuel Butler, 1872) that contains a section called “Book of the Machines,” which is one of the first examples to ponder machine intelligence and self-replication. Musically, the death/doom/trad vibe is still present from the debut album, but is a step forward in execution.

Pre-order Book of the Machines:

Track Listing:

1. Erewhon

2. Death Meditation

3. Curse of Creation

4. Earth(l)ing

5. Gateway to Evolving Thought

6. Headless Cult

7. Book of the Machines


Words by Jonathan Grenville Higgs.

Music by Blade.

Drum production (recording and editing) by JK Rollin’.

Lead guitar recorded by Sam Loose.

Bass recorded by Hugo late at night.

All other guitars and vocals recorded by Jon when he was supposed

to be working.

Mixed by Jonathan Grenville Higgs.

Mastered by Dan Swanö, Unisound, Germany.

Artwork by

Moose Cult240708


Jonny Moose – Vocals/Guitars

Hugo Cult – Bass and Regenerative Ambience

James Knoerl – Drums

Tommy Loose – Lead Guitar

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