Finnish Death Metal band GATES OPEN is set to release their new EP “Black Clouds Over the World” – First single Nightmares Coming True out now!

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The Finnish death/thrash metal band Gates Open is set to release new EP ‘Black Clouds Over The World‘ on October 4th 2024 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘NIghtmares Coming True is released today and lyric video is available here: 

The band comments:
“In shadows deep, where darkness resides. Nightmares awaken, creeping in my mind.
Nightmares coming true. Drowning in this darkness, where dreams are allowed.
In this twilight realm, where the dreams distort. Forever haunted, as these nightmares come true. We all have our own nightmares and fears and it would be everyone’s worst nightmare if they all came true.” 

LISTEN Nightmares Coming True single on streaming services:

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Promo picture by Tatu Neejärvi/Tatu Neejärvi Productions.

Gates Open is a Finnish blackened death/thrash metal band. Gates Open is a band founded in early 2023 by two men, the band includes Jere Neejärvi, in the role of guitarist/composer, and Tommi Manninen as singer.

The members’ united history began already in 2007 during the previous band’s time. Our band moved to the distribution of the Inverse Records label in June 2023. The first official single “The Awakening” under Inverse Records was released in June 2023. The second official single “Let The Night Become Your Guide” was released in October 2023. Our third single, by the band name “Gates Open” was released in December 2023. Our full-length debut album “Voice After Silence” was released on February 9th 2024 via Inverse Records. 

New Black Clouds Over The World is set to be released on October 4th 2024 via Inverse Records. 

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Track list:

  1. Nightmares Coming True
  2. Black Clouds Over The World
  3. Poison Nurse
  4. Gates Of North
  5. Preys And Predators
  6. Gates Of Rock

Tommi Manninen – Vocals
Jere Neejärvi – Guitars, Bass, Drums


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