MOURNING WOOD – Finland’s Newest Metal Gem Signs with Wormholedeath

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Get ready for a fresh wave of Finnish metal fury! Rising act Mourning Wood has inked a deal with Wormholedeath Records to release their debut EP, “Fill Your Grave,” set to be unleashed on August 2nd, 2024.

Mourning Wood boasts a seasoned lineup with a combined arsenal of musical knowledge spanning vocational studies to university degrees. Their experience translates to a tight and polished sound, honed through countless gigs and an undeniable musical chemistry that stretches back to 2013 (officially forming in 2021). 

Drawing inspiration from metal giants like Sentenced, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, and Billy Idol, the band delivers a fresh take on classic Finnish metal with a twist of their own. Mourning Wood’s songs are about life, death, and mental illness with a twist of dark humor.


“Fill Your Grave” delves into the raw pain of letting go. Each track explores the different stages of grief, from the initial shock to the simmering frustration that fuels the human condition. The journey began back in 2021 with guitarist Eino-Akseli Koski’s searing demos. The band meticulously crafted their sound, recording “Gone At Last” in 2022 and completing the EP in 2023.

Experience the power of Mourning Wood firsthand with the music video for “Fill Your Grave”:

Mourning Wood Lineup:
Jussi Holopainen – vocals
Eino-Akseli Koski – guitar, b.vocals
Lari Lämpsä – bass, b.vocals
Hanna-Leena ”Hanska” Lassila – drums

Stay Tuned for More Mourning Wood:

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