VISION DIVINE – new album “Blood And Angels’ Tears” out in September

Vision Divine Cover240709
artwork by Augusto Silva

Vision Divine will release the new album “Blood And Angels’ Tears” on the 20th of September through Scarlet Records.

The finest Italian prog-power metal prime movers are back for good, once again delivering a handful of glorious and smooth progressive power metal. An epic saga unfolding across two monumental records, with “Blood And Angels’ Tears” as its first part: set in a distant epoch before known civilizations, the narrative revolves around three angels banished from heaven for their indecision during the cataclysmic war between Lucifer and Archangel Michael.

Each album is a chapter in a grand movie-like tale: themes of redemption, unity and resilience permeate the melodic orchestrations and haunting vocals. Experience the cinematic majesty of “Blood And Angels’ Tears” where each note and lyric merges to evoke a timeless struggle and a heroic journey through the realms of ancient myth and fantastical imagination!

“Blood And Angels’ Tears” will be released in the following formats:

– digipack CD

– vinyl LP: 350 marbled red (retail exclusive), 150 marbled blue (mailorder exclusive)

– digital

“Blood And Angels’ Tears” tracklist:

Chapter I: War In Heaven

Chapter II: The Ballet Of Blood And Angels’ Tears

Chapter III: Once Invincible

Chapter IV: Drink Our Blood (featuring Bulldozer’s AC Wild)

Chapter V: When Darkness Comes

Chapter VI: Preys

Chapter VII: A Man On A Mission

Chapter VIII: Go East

Chapter IX: The Broken Past (featuring Fates Warning’s Ray Alder & Twilight Force/Trick Or Treat’s Alle Conti)

Chapter X: Dice And Dancers

Chapter XI: Lost

Vision Divine240709
photo by Andrea Falaschi

Vision Divine:

Ivan Giannini – vocals

Olaf Thorsen – guitars

Federico Puleri – guitars

Alessio Lucatti – keyboards, piano

Andrea ‘Tower’ Torricini – bass

Matt Peruzzi – drums

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