KRYPT Unleashes New Single “Unrelenting,” Announces New EP


Heralding a new era in the thrash metal scene, KRYPT is set to electrify their fans with the release of their new single “Unrelenting”. This track is the first glimpse into their eagerly awaited EP, Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth, slated for release on July 26, 2024, through Terminus Hate City Records. Pre-orders are available HERE. Listen to “Unrelenting” HERE.

Originating from the dynamic streets of Augusta, GA, KRYPT—comprising Julian Chew (lead guitar/vocals), Adam Dickerson (drums), Brandon Carpenter (bass/backing vocals), and Tim Fauls (lead guitar)—continues to forge a formidable path in the crossover thrash landscape. “Unrelenting” captures the raw, unfiltered essence of KRYPT, featuring blistering riffs and a ferocious rhythm section that promises to resonate profoundly with metal enthusiasts worldwide.

The upcoming EP, recorded at West End Sound in Atlanta and engineered by the renowned Tom Tapley, with mastering by Matthew Carmichael, delves deep into themes of corruption, internal strife, and relentless survival. Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth is a bold declaration of war against societal complacency and a testament to the band’s unyielding spirit.

KRYPT invites fans and new listeners to dive into the tumult of their music as they ascend to new heights in the metal hierarchy. The band promises a sonic experience that is not only powerful but also a catalyst for change in the lives of their listeners.

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About KYRPT:

Krypt is a powerhouse of thrash metal hailing from Augusta, GA, known for their fierce and unrelenting sound that melds classic thrash with blackened and death metal influences. Formed in late January 2019, the band consists of Julian Chew on lead guitar and vocals, Adam Dickerson on drums, Brandon Carpenter on bass and backing vocals, and Tim Fauls on lead guitar. They quickly signed to Terminus Hate City Records, carving out a niche within the metal community with their intense energy and aggressive musical style.

Drawing inspiration from the old-school Bay Area thrash scene and the legendary Big Four, Krypt infuses their music with a modern ferocity that appeals to a broad spectrum of metal fans. Their dynamic performances and raw, emotive music have earned them a formidable reputation on the live circuit and a devoted following among those who crave the raw edge of heavy, uncompromising metal.

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KRYPT Unleashes New Single “Unrelenting” and Announces Upcoming EP Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth


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