TEMPLE OF DREAD announce new album and drop lyric video

TEMPLE OF DREAD drop a lyric video for the crushing track ‘Carnage Ritual‘, which is the first single taken from the East Frisians‘ forthcoming new album. “God of the Godless” is scheduled for release on October 4, 2024.

The lyric video ‘Carnage Ritual‘ is available for immediate publication via the following link

Pre-sale link:

TEMPLE OF DREAD comment: “Our first single ‘Carnage Ritual’ harks back musically to the beginnings of this band and comes with no compromises and no experiments – but just delivers four minutes of full steam ahead!”, guitar shredder Markus Bünnemeyer enthuses. “The lyrics are just as much to the point: Greek myth tells of how the people of Athens were compelled by King Minos of Krete to choose seven young men and seven young women to be offered to the monster Minotaur – half man, half bull. These sacrificial victims were to be killed in retribution for the death of Minos’ son. The visualisation for this track was again provided by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm with diligent attention to the details of the stunning artwork by Paolo Girardi!”

Video credits
Visualisation by Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media)
Based on artwork by Paolo Girardi

Temple Of Dread Cover240710

1. Carnage Ritual
2. Spawn of Filth
3. Black Scream
4. Sacrificial Dawn
5. God of the Godless
6. Prophetic Misanthropy
7. Monstrosity Divine
8. Terminal Putrefaction
9. Demise of Olympus

Temple Of Dread240710

Death metal can hardly get more dedicated and passionate about the old school Floridian sound than TEMPLE OF DREAD on their fifth album “God of the Godless”. This might have something to do with the band being located on the German North Sea island of Spiekeroog and the famously laconic and stubborn character of the East Frisian people.

Luckily, TEMPLE OF DREAD are not mired in a swamp of stale nostalgia. Although “God of the Godless” comes with the brutal power of harsh winter storms and the gritty texture of the often fierce North Sea weather, the East Frisians have also refined the cinematic aspects of their sound that they had firmly established on the predecessor “Beyond Acheron” (2023). 

Building on their brutal death metal base, TEMPLE OF DREAD also work with dark and heavy parts as well as a surprising dash of melancholia – and even some knife-tips of black metal spice. There is even a return of a guest-contribution by former MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE, and ASINHELL vocalist Marc Grewe.
Lyrically, TEMPLE OF DREAD continue to upgrade the genre’s traditional splatter-themes by translating them into the realm of classical myth. For the lyrics of “God of the Godless”, the East Frisians continue the fruitful collaboration with their friend and word-smith, the psychologist Frank “Doc” Albers. 

TEMPLE OF DREAD also relied once more on the celebrated Italian artist Paolo Girardi to illustrate the album’s general theme. The cover art of “God of the Godless” features the ferryman of the ancient Greek underworld again. In their story, Charon has risen from the mire to become the new god of the dead by overthrowing Hades. 
The massive production of “God of the Godless” comes courtesy of drummer Jörg Uken, who owns and runs the renowned death metal smithy Soundlodge Tonstudio, in which leading acts of the scene such as DEW-SCENTED, GOD DETHRONED, OBSCENITY, SUICIDAL ANGELS, and WARPATH among many others have also recorded albums.
TEMPLE OF DREAD came into being on Spiekeroog in 2017 when guitarist Markus Bünnemeyer decided to materialise his craving for old school death metal. In 2018, he was joined by singer Jens Finger and drummer Jörg Uken, with both of whom Bünnemeyer was also active in SLAUGHTERDAY. The three-piece has maintained a stable line-up ever since. Their first full-length “Blood Craving Mantras” (2019) was an immediate success in death metal circles and the hard working trio has proved extremely creative with “World Sacrifice” (2020) and the critically acclaimed “Hades Unleashed” (2021) following in rapid succession.

While “Beyond Acheron” (2023) took a little longer, TEMPLE OF DREAD are now back on the fast track. Even better, the East Frisians have decided that it is time to leave their island and go raiding the rest of the world by performing live. Watch out for crushing Frisian death metal in your neighbourhood.

With “God of the Godless”, TEMPLE OF DREAD are again pushing the benchmark for intelligent death metal brutality to an even higher level!

Band: Temple of Dread
Album title: God of the Godless
Release date: October 4, 2024
Style: Death Metal
Label: Testimony Records
Review impact date: September ​9, 2024

Line-upJens Finger – vocals
Markus Bünnemeyer – guitars, bass
Jörg Uken – drums, keys

Guest musicians
Marc Grewe (ASINHELL, ex-MORGOTH) – additional vocals on ‘Sacrificial Dawn’

Production, recording, mix & mastering
Jörg Uken, Soundlodge Studios, Rhauderfehn, Germany

Artwork by Paolo Girardi
Layout by Hiko Kalojanov-Kramer


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