Belgian Death Metal Heavyweights MORDKAUL Unleash First Video Single From Upcoming, New Album “Feeding The Machine”!

[photo: Istvan Bruggen]

Belgian death metal act MORDKAUL has revealed new details about their forthcoming, new studio album, entitled “Feeding The Machine”! The band’s sophomore full-length record will be released as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats on September 13, 2024 via Massacre Records, the pre-sale is now available at:

A first track is now streaming on all digital providers at:

MORDKAUL frontman Tommy Goffin tells us about “They Burn”:

Welcome to the mind of the pyromaniac. He wants to bring humanity back to its essence: Weed out the superfluous, eradicate the illness that is mankind. Ever since the dawn of time mankind has believed to be the pinnacle of evolution. the sole purpose of natural selection. The pyromaniac wants to set this right by cleansing the earth of every trace of humanity. Fire will be his modus operandi.

The slowest song of them all but heavy as hell. Slowly building the atmosphere and tension to bust out into a haunting double bass part at the end.

“Pyrographic litany, pyrokinetic sorcery”

To get the most out of the individual songs and promoting them to their best extent, “Feeding The

Machine” was recorded in two parts. The first half of the album was recorded at Project Zero Studio in the summer of 2022, the second half at the legendary Galaxy Studios in the summer of 2023, while mixing and mastering was handled by Dan Swanö. The band’s new brutal banger also features guest musicians such as James McIlroy (ex-Cradle Of Filth) and more.

Where the 2021 album “Dress Code: Blood” was heavily inspired by the iconic Swedish death metal sound of the 90’s, “Feeding The Machine” goes a step further than that. With wider influences of iconic 90’s death metal acts like Morbid Angel and Death, “Feeding The Machine” hits even harder, and aims to elevate the band to new heights!

Mordkaul Cover240711
[Artwork: Timur Khabirov]


1. Crown Of Worms

2. In Dead Eyes

3. Welcome To The Sixth Stage Of Grief

4. For I Am Machine

5. Beast Of Dread

6. Dead Heart Awake

7. They Burn

8. Shadowlord

9. Hellspawn

10. Passage To Oblivion

Album Line-Up:

Tommy Goffin – Vocals

Tim Bekaert – Rhythm Guitars

Vincent Noben – Lead Guitars

Stefan Segers – Additional Guitars, Vocals (Song 1-9)

Jan Rammeloo – Bass (Song 1-5)

Nicholas Gauwloos – Bass (Song 6-10)

Tony Van den Eynde – Drums

Guest Musicians:

James McIlroy (Guest guitar solos on “Shadowlord” and “Passage To Oblivion”)

Maarten Vandenberghe (Piano on “Passage To Oblivion”)

Martijn Debonnet (Samples)

09.08.2024 BE Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Fest
13.09.2024 BE Kortrijk – DVG Club (Mordfest West)
14.09.2024 BE Diest – Club Hell (Mordfest East) 

For More Info Visit:

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