Finnish death metal band DEVENIAL VERDICT come up with a sublime new album

Devenial Verdict Cover240711

Finnish death metal band Devenial Verdict‘s music is a breath of fresh air, especially given the kind of music they work with. Dissonant death metal can too easily sound cold, mechanical, alien even but their approach to this style is different. Their music here is expansive, atmospheric and even emotive, without compromising on the intensity. And there’s a fiery albeit restrained passion exuding through it all, probably making all the difference. This is a special album for the style and fans of death metal in general shouldn’t miss out on this. Stream a couple of songs on Bandcamp AT THIS LINK

Devenial Verdict240711

Finnish dissonant/atmospheric death metal band Devenial Verdict return after nonchalantly dropping a staggering debut out of nowhere in ‘Ash Blind’. Stunning everyone with its sheer magnificence and power, it was always going to be interesting to see where they go from there. And they’ve released a new full length that’s not only a worthy follow-up but it’s far more nuanced than anything they’ve done in the past. They’ve nurtured a sound that is inherently pensive and adopted an approach that’s laden with suspense and intrigue; the sharp, ringing, dissonant tunes linger in the air like inverted scythes. The atmosphere remains emotionally charged which is already rare for this style, with the music being a lot more expressive and colourful in its shades of gloom over here. The songs, undulating gracefully in their intensity, showcase interesting and comparatively diverse variations without straying from their core sound which sees dissonance and atmosphere working in tandem. There’s a sense of dark melancholia permeating their music which adds meaning and depth to this kind of music that can too easily be rendered soulless. Devenial Verdict have once again crafted a masterful, passionate album that pushes the sound in its own way while firmly establishing a distinct identity for the band.

For fans of: UlcerateMorbid AngelDysgnosticSaevus FinisCrown of MadnessMithras

Line up:
Okko Tolvanen – Drums
Sebastian Frigren – Guitars
Antti Poutanen – Bass
Riku Saressalo – Vocals

Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski

Track listing:
1. I Have Become the Sun 
2. Garden of Eyes 
3. Moon-Starved 
4. Blessing of Despair 
5. Shunned Wander 
6. The Quietus 
7. Solus 
8. Counting Silence 
9. Cold Lantern 
10. A Curse Made Flesh 

Release date – October 4th, 2024

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