OTHER WORLD premiere ‘To Decay’

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Featuring former members of BLACK SALVATIONPILLORIAN, and BOREWORM, the US band OTHER WORLD craft truly hypnotic and atmospheric Black Metal. DMP premieres the epic ‘To Decay‘, the second track released from their forthcoming album, “Tenebrous“.

Listen to the song directly DMP‘s YouTube channel:

To Decay‘ showcases the scope and sweep of OTHER WORLD‘s music. It achieves a perfect balance between churning layers of guitars, neo-gothic choral sections, uplifting harmonized melodies, and the cathartic energy of resurgence from dark depths. ‘To Decay‘ is a distinctive and powerful take on the Black Metal genre.

Composer Christopher describes the song’s genesis:

The latest single from the album ‘To Decay‘ was originally going to be a second part to ‘Of Death And Alteration‘ but the idea was changed as we felt the 2023 single should stand on its own separate from the album. When writing ‘To Decay‘ it felt very similar in feeling to ‘Of Death And Alteration‘ and so I chose to use this track as the last song of the album, as this track in my opinion is the most impactfult and epic on the album. I wanted woeful leads with lots of reverb, and a deep heavy doom feeling which can be heard throughout the record, but especially in the closing track.

Vocalist and lyricist Stephen adds a conceptual perspective:

“‘To Decay,’ the album’s concluding piece, encapsulates the tranquil desperation that permeates our daily lives. It shares certain lyrical verses with the album’s opening track, ‘From Innocence.’ The song is fueled by the weight of grief experienced due to a recent loss, and it aims to shed light on the overwhelming anxieties that consume you during those excruciating moments. The track serves as a cathartic release, seeking solace in the understanding that pain and sorrow are an intrinsic part of the human experience. As the song progresses, there is a gradual transition from despair to acceptance, reflecting the journey of coming to terms with loss and finding the strength to carry on.

Check out the first unveiled song from the new album, ‘From Innocence‘, here!

Tenebrous” will be released on CD, vinyl and digital on August 30th. Pre-orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Other World240606

OTHER WORLD is an atmospheric/experimental Black Metal band formed in California in 2012 as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist Christopher A. (SUFFERING IN SOLITUDEBLACK SALVATION). As his tenure with those projects came to an end, Christopher shifted his focus to OTHER WORLD, spawning five releases over seven years. In 2022, OTHER WORLD was joined by Stephen Parker (PARAPHILIAMAESTUS, ex-PILLORIAN) on vocals and Jacob Holland on bass, which led to a collaboration on the new track, ‘Of Death and Alteration‘.

After arriving on DMP in authoritative style with epic 2023 single, the band expand and consolidate their vision via new album “Tenebrous” to be released on August 30th. 

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