Darkwave Interview

Zsolt, first of all I would like to wish you happy Holidays and a happy New Year!I thought it might be interesting to interview you. I would like to ask you about your project “Darkwawe”, which I find interesting and valuable!Instrumental metal is quite rare in this country, which can......

Atrocity Interview

Thank you very much for coming! My name is Zsolt, and I’m from the Hungarian webzine, and it’s so great to have you here and talk to you – thank you for coming! Of course – thank you very much for the interview! I’m looking forward! Me too! How......

Induction Interview

Hello, hello, can you hear my voice? So, first of all I’m so sorry – I totally slipped. I was travelling today to The Netherlands, and I just arrived – so, like I forgot about it. But I’m so sorry! No, no, it’s no problem! Thank God, everything is settled......

Witcher Interview

I take the road leading to the forest in the twilight. The fog descends, everything becomes increasingly invisible as we enter the nature. It feels like fear starts overwhelming me. Cold feels perhaps even colder, the wind blows even stronger – and then comes Witcher, as if a carpet rolls......

Empress Interview

Hi, I am glad that this interview came to be, because I feel like that you are a valuable and interesting band. I would like to get you some more attention. First of all let’s start with the basics. Who are you, since when are you around? Why did you......

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