Grymheart Interview

Hi Gabriel Blacksmith! Let’s lift the curtains right now and reveal, who Grymheart can be known for! Also, could you please say something about your bandmates – anything that’s allowed…? 🙂 I think you mean that I was in Wisdom. In this project, I use the name Gabriel Blacksmith because......

Eleine Interview

Hey, hello! Madeleine: Hello, hi, Rikard is just having a very quick pee. We been having many-many interviews, like you know, every 30 minutes. He was like… Please, take your time! M: I was like: yes of course. He’ll be here in just a minute. Very nice to meet you!......

Thomas Khrul Interview

Music is very important to people, and this applies especially to you! You have been present in numerous music works over the years! Could you mention some that you consider outstanding? Greetings to everyone! Indeed, music carries multiple meanings for people and can have various effects on our lives, and......

Tsjuder Interview

Hey hello! Hello! Can you hear my voice? Yes, can you hear me? Yes, yes, perfect! Excellent! So excellent, hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Zsolt, and I’m from the Hungarian metal webzine and it’s so great that we can make this interview and have the chance......

Cave Altar Interview

There is a cave deep in the forest, which we have already seen once. During another walk, in the middle of our lucky journey, familiar voices may creep towards us again! I am very happy that you are not concerned with what is trendy these days! You always created interesting......

Obituary Interview

Hello! There we go! I don’t know what happened with my internet connection, but it definitely broke down. No problem! Well, thank you very much for waiting for me, I’m sorry for this technical interruption, and… Hey, this is what we deal with on a daily basis with modern technology…......

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