Witcher Interview

I take the road leading to the forest in the twilight. The fog descends, everything becomes increasingly invisible as we enter the nature. It feels like fear starts overwhelming me. Cold feels perhaps even colder, the wind blows even stronger – and then comes Witcher, as if a carpet rolls......

Empress Interview

Hi, I am glad that this interview came to be, because I feel like that you are a valuable and interesting band. I would like to get you some more attention. First of all let’s start with the basics. Who are you, since when are you around? Why did you......

Heart Attack Interview

Hi, I am delighted that this interview came to be, because in my opinion a lot of people should get to know you. You’ve been around for many-many years, but you only started gained popularity in the recent times. So let’s start at the beginning. When was the band founded......

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