Obscura Interview

Hi Steffen. How are you? Hi, Zsuzsanna! I’m fine! It’s a pleasure meeting you tonight! Thank you very much for your time! It’s my pleasure, also! Everything is OK? Can we start the interview? Everything’s fine, cool! Yes, sure! In the new generation, I think you are one of the......

Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra Interview

Zsuzsanna Muszka
Hello! Hello, Zsuzsanna? This is Hansi from Blind Guardian! Hi, Hansi! This is Zsuzsanna Muszka from Hungary! Welcome to Kronos Mortus metal magazine! Hey, it’s nice to talking to you! I think we spoke before, right? Yeah, that would have been my first question if you remembered me from Krefeld?......

NorthTale Interview

Christian! Hi Christian, this is Zsuzsanna Muszka from Kronos Mortus metal magazine! It’s good to talk to you! Ah, nice! (laughs) Within some days you’re going to release your first album, Welcome to Paradise with your new band Northtale. Where did the idea of creating this band came from? It......

Witherfall Interview

Jake: Hi, this is Jake Dreyer from Witherfall, I’m adding my partner, Joseph here, okay? Joseph: Hello-hello! Kronos Mortus: Hi, okay, it’s nice to talk to you two! Talking with musicians is always a pleasure!:) I suppose you spend as much time as you can with playing music. How many......

Besta Interview

Hi, Rick! Hi, hello! How are you? Fine, thanks! How’s it doing with you? I’m good, yeah! Fine! Can you hear me clearly? Yes, I can! Sure! Ok.! Can we start the interview? Of course! Let’s go! First I would like you to talk you about the band. When and......

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