EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Hardcore Crossover band BLANKET HILL launch new single ‘OUT FOR THE COUNT’

‘OUT FOR THE COUNT’ is the new single from Luxembourg’s hardcore/crossover band BLANKET HILL. Although the group released their full length debut ‘THE COURAGE OF HOPELESSNESS’ less than a year ago in October of 2022, there isn’t any stopping of the wholesale beatdown this band provides. ‘OUT FOR THE COUNT’......

PRIMALFROST premieres “Solace Kingdom” performance video!

‘SOLACE KINGDOM’ is the new video from epic melodic death metal project PRIMALFROST. The song, the sixth track from the latest album ‘LOST ELEGIES,’ is both vibrant and energetic, rooted in the raucous violence of death metal. The song’s neoclassical style echoes the best of melodic death while balancing virtuosic instrumentation......

LUCIFER’S FALL – “Children Of The Night” EP album premiere & exclusive interview

For almost a decade Lucifer’s Fall stood as a cornerstone of doom metal in Australia. The most ancient of doom metal traditions provided the foundation of each song and the occasional injection of punk rock and NWOBHM ensured that the sound was unhinged. Eyes were opened, souls were corrupted, and......

NIGHNACHT – “Asking To Be Killed” EP exclusive premier & interview

Nighnacht represents nothing but unhinged and horrific heavy metal insanity! Featuring Nunslaughter frontman Don Of The Dead at the helm, Nighnacht tears through speakers and eardrums alike with their deranged style of extreme metal. In 2019 the band released their debut EP Christophilia and quickly followed it up the next year with their second EP Murder Myself....

THE MEDEA PROJECT – “Kneel to the Cross” premier

We are pleased to announce the release of the second video single from The Medea Project‘s exciting Southern Echoes extended EP. The band’s haunting cover of Sol Invictus‘ ‘Kneel To The Cross‘ premieres today, exclusively at Kronos Mortus News webzine. Recorded live and raw in the studio, for the Metal4Africa on-line festival event, The Medea Project’s take on......

KEITZER – “Where The Light Ends” exclusive premier

German death grind act KEITZER have announced the vinyl release of their 2019 album “Where The Light Ends” via GIVE PRAISE RECORDS. The 8-song LP will be available on Nov 27 and is available for preorder here. Where The Light Ends by KEITZER Keitzer formed in 1999, since leaving a path of shear grinding destruction behind them. Their latest......

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