METEORA – symphonic metal band premiere new song and music video “Memento Mori”

Symphonic metal band METEORA is going to release their second album “Tragedy Of Delusion” as the bonus CD of the March edition of HammerWorld Magazine (Hungary), and will be distributed separately starting next month. The record will also be available for online streaming on several platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music). Following the success of last year’s new song “My Reality”, METEORA are now back with another new track and music video, “Memento Mori” that you can see on the link below.

Meteora: Memento Mori (Official Music Video)

Meteora // Apple Music:

Keyboardist Atilla Király about Memento Mori:
“Memento Mori is one of the catchiest songs of the new album. It’s among the last ones that I wrote, the previous few pieces turned out to be kinda long and complex so Noémi asked to do something more simple to chill a bit. But since we didn’t want to overcomplicate the structure this time it needed something extra to fit in with the rest of the album. That is when we made the decision to hire professional singers for the choir parts of the record, so that with the three vocalists we have in the band already we could have a bigger sound. With the organ at the beginning – which sets the mood – and this big choir sound it really gained the feeling of a Meteora song. We played this a few times live already, and the crowd seemed to be enthusiastic to memento mori with us during the choirs. :)”

“The title is a common phrase, ’remember death’, or in an other translation ’remember that you will die as well (because you are just a human after all)’. In the lyrics we visit the different philosophical aspects of death during the ages from the Roman Empire up until today. As soon as we finished the song we knew this was one that we wanted to shoot a video for. With the lyrics centered around death we didn’t want to push the video into total lethargy, so we tweaked the meaning of the phrase a bit: no king rules forever, everyone is defeated once. A game of football, poker or something like that would have been too average though. While we were thinking about the details we were approached by Deltavision with their interest in working together, and since Noémi and me are huge fans of one of their card games the solution just presented itself. We wanted to make it a joke, because if we took this setup seriously the end product would most likely have been funny in a bad way… 😀 We had a lot of laughs during the shooting and while putting the video together, so hope we can at least make people smile just a bit as well!” – Atilla added.

Meteora: Tragedy Of Delusion
2020 / Nail Records / NAILCD312
01. Common Enemy
02. Memento Mori
03. My Reality
04. Stay Among Us
05. Die, Live, Forgive – My Reality, Pt. II
06. Tag the Truth
07. Black Rose
08. When Angels Fall
09. Tragedy of Delusion
10. Beautiful Oblivion – My Reality, Pt. III
11. Numb (Linkin Park cover) (Bonus Track)

METEORA was originally formed in 2010, but became more busy and active since the release of their 2017 debut album, “Our Paradise”. Their music is presented in a “beauty and the beast” style regarding the vocals, the melodic voice of the front-lady Noémi Holló is accompanied by the growls and screams of bass guitarist Máté Fülöp. Lately keyboardist / main songwriter Atilla Király has also joined them behind the microphone, so “Tragedy Of Delusion” is going to feature clean male vocals as well in some of the songs. You can also check out another song off their second album, “My Reality” below.

Meteora: My Reality (Official lyric video)

Meteora members:
Noémi Holló – lead vocals
Máté Fülöp – bass, harsh vocals & screams
Csaba Solymosi – guitars
Atilla Király – keyboards & clean vocals
Gábor Kása – drums

Meteora online:

Hammer Music Hungary Facebook oldala:

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