FINAL COIL premiere the final video from their Convicted Of The Right EP, Empty Handed, with The Netherlands’ prog rock authority, Progwereld

On May 1st Final Coil released their new EP, Convicted Of The Right, the closing chapter of the incredible cycle that began with their conceptual second album, The World We Left Behind For Others. Convicted Of The Right consisted of the title track, taken from The World We Left Behind For Others and three songs recorded live at The Lab studios in London. Today, in association with The Netherlands’ progressive rock authority, Progwereld, we are pleased to present the final video recorded at The Lab sessions. ‘Empty Handed‘ originally appeared on The World We Left Behind For Others, but this energised live in the studio recording can only be found on the Convicted Of The Right EP. Please head to Progwereld now to experience this unique take on one of Final Coil’s finest songs…

Watch ‘Empty Handed’ now at Progwereld

In an interview with Breathing The Core webzine Final Coil’s frontman, Phil Stiles, discussed the recording of the Live At The Lab tracks and in particular ‘Empty Handed’…

“I’ve always been a fan of John Peel. It was his show that I would eagerly tune into when I was still too young to go to festivals; and the highlight was always the session recordings. I particularly loved the bands that would take a nuanced studio recording and rip through it; turning it into something more visceral in the process and so I’ve always wanted to do something similar with Final Coil.
We spent a lot of time thinking about which pieces we would do. We wanted to capture something from the new album and ‘Empty Handed’ was an obvious choice, not least because it had been mooted as a single. Also, it’s really fun to play and I wanted to capture the raw version of the song that I remembered  from album rehearsals.”

Convicted Of The Right is out now through Wormholedeath and you can see the new, live in the studio version of ‘Empty Handed’ at Progwereld

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