IRON MASK new video single

IRON MASK the power metal masters from Belgium released new single – video “One Against All”!

One Against All” embraces the Hard Rock roots of Iron Mask, delivering a song that can be seen as a tribute to bands like Dio and Rainbow. Epic! A must-listen for all Hard Rock fans!

Dushan states:
This song has a great memorable chorus, slower vibe based on a great guitar riff, the vocal lines are very catchy , together with the bass and drums high precision and power makes this song a total hit, the kind of song you can’t stop singing!
Lyrically its inspired by my youth where as teenager I was spending days and nights playing guitar for hours and when everyone told me I was just a dreamer and to get a ‘real job’ .Never listen anyone but yourself, this isn’t being stuborn, it is just being who you really are and ment to be

After 20 years, 6 albums and the most devoted fans around the world… the best is now to come.

Prepare yourself for the best melodic power metal as of December 4th

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