FIERCE DEITY Releases Single + Video ‘A Ballad of Heartbreak and Despair (feat. Harlott)

FFO: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Blind Guardian

The synergy of melodic hooks and outside-the-box genre spanning is the sound that Tasmanian Twitch streamer and songwriter Jonathon ‘JB’ Barwick has been delivering in spades with Fierce Deity since his arrival in July 2019.

The fifth single ‘A Ballad of Heartbreak and Despair’ (which features guest vocals from Andrew Hudson of Australia’s thrash paragon Harlott) brings an epic conclusion to the series of singles JB refers to as ‘The Trials’.

These songs came to me during a chapter of great pain and upheaval in my life. In that time it became very clear that actions speak louder than inner-monologues and it was time to take ownership of my past, present and future – ‘A Ballad of Heartbreak and Despair’ is the decision to accept and forgive your demons, not fear or deny them.”

“Andrew and I became kindred spirits some years ago and I wrote this song with his voice in mind – Musically speaking Fierce Deity uses order to explore meaning whereas Harlott forces meaning through pure chaos. That’s synergy baby!”

The lyric video for ‘A Ballad of Heartbreak and Despair’ brings an end to The Traveller’s meditation that began with Deity’s debut single ‘The Path’.

With the new day comes new challenges. Jonathon will embark on a bigger project with Fierce Deity come 2021 – an epic code-named ‘PWC’ that he will track and produce in real-time live on Twitch.

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