Canada’s MAUDIIR Announce Corrosive Black Thrash Single “The Slumber” Off Upcoming EP Out Feb 2021

Coined as ‘blackened thrash metal’ F of Maudiir takes advantage of complete creative control and effortlessly moves between styles, adding infusions of punk, focused guitar solos, and clean production to the classic black metal vocals and chunky bass riffs.

The first single “The Slumber” off Maudiir forthcoming 2021 EP “La Part du Diable” starts on a big bass riff flirting with drone guitars and explodes into an epic instrumental black metal section. The song is about the worst personality traits we have seen awaken in some people, and that might have stayed dormant if not for the current situation. Maudiir comments on the EP as a whole:

“I had great reviews for the first EP “Le Temps Peste”. I think the new EP “La Part du Diable” expands on the first one and brings more progressive elements to the songs. I also managed to get the bass guitar at the forefront of the songs, which is not so common in modern metal, so I’m really happy about that. All in all, it’s a pretty interesting and unique listen.”

Creating an intensely dark sound, “La Part du Diable’‘ was inspired by reactions from people to the health crisis created by Covid, the political climate in the US, and conspiracy theories. This second offering from the band goes in a slightly more progressive and thrash direction than the first, F has also added distortion to the bass guitar giving a Voïvod-esque feel to the songs. It’s a riff-driven  EP with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals, mixing thrash metal and black metal with progressive elements, giving it a unique sound and feel.

Recommended for fans of Skeletonwitch, Darkthrone, and Voivod, “The Slumber” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The single will be available on all digital platforms on January 8, 2021 and the full EP “La Part du Diable” is out on February 19, 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Fracture (4:50)
2. The Slumber (4:57)
3. The Fortunate Few (4:54)
4. Spirit of Sulfur (4:34)
5. The Crowning Hour (5:07)
EP Length: 24:24

More Info:

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