FORSAKEN ETERNITY release their stunning debut album, A Kingdom Of Ice, through Rottweiler Records

Having fought their way through every hindering obstacle that life could throw at them, Portland, Oregon’s Forsaken Eternity are back, with a debut album that soars beyond every hope and expectation. Vast in scale, epic in vision, breathtaking in delivery A Kingdom Of Ice is a thrilling ride through sonic landscapes of frozen grandeur, an adrenalin fuelled charge into another world.

Since the band formed in 2015, releasing the EP The Eternal Journey that same year, Forsaken Eternity have forged a reputation for delivering dramatic, ambitious music that blends symphonic metal, black metal, power metal and melodic death metal into one superlative elixir of enthralling sound. Their contribution to the Pacific Northwest Symphonic Invasion split release in 2020, alongside Empyrean Fire and Storm Forger further demonstrated the band’s huge potential, all of which has been fulfilled with the incredible A Kingdom Of Ice. With songs such as ‘Endless Light’ and ‘A Dark Divinity’ Forsaken Eternity weave fantastical stories through an array of shifting moods and tempos, as emotion and atmosphere embrace thunderous drums, intricate riffs, swirling keys, cascading solos and raw, impassioned vocals. A fiery, driving cover of guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen’s ‘Rising Force’ provides a fitting climax to this outstanding album of metal magnificence.

With the strength and dedication of their new label, Rottweiler Records now behind them, Forsaken Eternity are armed and ready to take their creed of powerful, melodic metal to the world. When A Kingdom Of Ice charges down from the Oregon mountains on July 8th, flock to the Forsaken Eternity banner and be prepared for the ride of your life!

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