WRECHE Releases All My Dreams Came True On Vinyl


The sophomore album from the extreme metal project WRECHE All My Dreams Came True, the perfect soundtrack for your night ruminations, is available now on vinyl via Handsmade.

The new All My Dreams Came True 2XLP features a tip-on gatefold jacket with black inner flood. Limited to 88 special copies that include black poly lined inner sleeves, and a very special wax sealed numbered envelope including 9 lyric inserts (custom sized, printed, stamped and sealed by the artist).

Purchase All My Dreams Came True on vinyl here:

Listen To All My Dreams Came True

“It’s an extremely experimental album that recalls avant-garde jazz greats like Miles Davis‘ Bitches Brew or Herbie Hancock‘s Sextant, which were rightly divisive for their time. Wreche is one-of-a-kind, that while the project recalls a strange blend of Golden Ashes, Kataxu, Nachtreich, Dawn of a Dark Age, and Imperial Triumphant, All my dreams came true never feels hackneyed. Balancing virtuoso neoclassical with black metal and jazz is rightly jarring and inevitably divisive, but Wreche manages to accomplish this fusion with grace and evocation, highlighting first and foremost rock-solid songwriting. All my dreams come true smooths out its dynamics to something dark, evocative, and challenging.” – Angry Metal Guy

“At this point, if you’re looking for something “different” but that still totally rips, I, Voidhanger Records should just be your go-to label. In their latest example of confounding yet compelling music, here’s the latest from Oakland, California’s Wreche. The project is a one-man operation created by one John Steven Morgan, a classically trained musician and composer. His expertise comes through with the seamless movements between moods that pull you through an entire ocean of emotion, each riff and snare hit washing over you like waves under the moon. More than anything, however, it’s the blend of unhinged vocals and brilliant piano work that really makes this album special. Stand aside, “experimental” pretenders, this guy might just have the future in his hands.” – DECIBEL

CDs (limited) available through I, Voidhanger Records:

Cassettes (limited) available through Acephale Winter Productions:



Hailing from Oakland, California, WRECHE is the solo project of John Steven Morgan (piano, synth, drums, vocals), a classical composer and musician in love with extreme metal, and black metal in particular. All My Dreams Came True is the band’s sophomore album, independently released in May 2021. Subsequently John signed to I, Voidhanger Records


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