Toronto’s A FLOCK NAMED MURDER Release Ethereal Black Metal Single “Garden Of Embers”


Canada’s A Flock Named Murder is a driving pummeling force that weaves themes of existentialism, inner struggles, and personal conviction together with ethereal and crushing black metal. They have a new single ready for the world, the complex and powerful “Garden of Embers”. This single is a small offering for listeners to ferment on as they embark on producing their next full-length album. It’s one of the many journeys that will be embarked on throughout the album showcasing emotional peaks and valleys and its fair share of dynamic composition – instrumentally, vocally, and structurally. The band explains the single:

““Garden Of Embers” is as musically elaborate as it is emotionally dramatic. It weaves and balances complex counterpoint melodies and shifting instrumental dynamics with moments of heaviness, grit, and ferocity. It is somber and then uplifting, before concluding as a story of tragedy. It’s both ethereal and crushing; exuberant in its delivery while powerful in its presentation. It’s a song that will pull you in, and won’t let you go until it decides it’s done – and when that happens, you won’t forget what it did to you.”

Lyrically, “Garden of Embers” is a post-apocalyptic tragedy exploring themes of personal desolation. It embodies a stark reflection of physical death in things we hold dear, giving way to death of the self, but as more of a dissolution than a rebirth.

The next full-length album will begin its production in the very near future, and there are plenty more ideas at varying levels of completion beyond that. Diverse, sprawling, and melodic, A Flock Named Murder is recommended for fans of Agalloch, Emperor, and Cult Of Luna.

“Garden of Embers” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.


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