LARVAE – Bay-area death-doom metallers to release new album “Entitled to Death”


Bay-area death-doom metallers LARVAE will be releasing their new album, “Entitled To Death”, on April 7th 2023 via Fucking Kill Records.

The band is now sharing the first single, the title track, at THIS LOCATION.

Oakland, California has summoned the rituals of many metal legions over the decades. Its stench is filled with dark art, morbid riffs, death and doom. There’s a scorched place in the corner of the crumbling landscape evoking evil and witchy magic where Larvae feast on the remains of those who perished.

“Entitled To Death”
 pursues a human experience, traversing the middle realm seen thru the eyes of a defected warrior. Bound to a reality of misanthrope, power, and trauma the protagonist seeks balance until the final collapse in a land filled with ruin and loss. The crossover compositions and lyrical anecdotes grapple with mental health and self worth before crossing over into a cosmic abyss.

Inspired by 90’s legends like Runemagick, Paradise Lost, Immolation, Bolt Thrower, Neurosis and Dismember, Larvae decompose Death and Doom metal to emote thru narrative and conjure dismal hallucinations.

The sophomore album by LARVAE unveils a bare-boned trio led by founding member vocalist/ guitarist/ engineer Brad Kobylczak (Eulogy, Kuru, Machine Head, Green Day) who’s accompanied by the low end marauding of bassist Wyatt Culbertson (Born/Dead, Abrupt) and the percussive barrage of Eric Evert (Rebels Advocate) on drums. Since 2011, LARVAE have been ruminating on their own breed of death/ doom atmosphere conjoined with blackened passages and macabre riffing to align the unique anatomy forming what stands today. “Entitled To Death” delivers a slab of morbidity to scrape away festering corpses into heaps of liquified tissue.

Album tracklist:

01. Entitled to Death
02. Obscure Unknown
03. Of Power and Loss
04. Open Tomb of Nightmares
05. The Last of Living
06. The Stars Spelled Death

Guitar, vocals and soundscapes – Brad Kobylczak
Bass and samples – Wyatt Culbertson
Drums – Eric Evert

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson
Produced by Brad Kobylczak
Cover art by Andrei Bouzikov
Additional artwork by Jason V Roberts, Eric Radey and Bryce Shelton.
Layout design by Ross Sewage


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